Fictionised Childhood - First Kiss

My First Kiss

I could see it right in front of my eyes. In my face, glowing and looking adorable. It was practically asking for it. The sparkly blue skin and appealing smooth skin was shining a ray of light towards me. I leaned closer and kissed the dolphin which lasted around half a second. At first, I was afraid however my nerves settled and went back to my position.

I heard a small squeak but didn’t think much of it but the small dolphin continued to make repetitive squeaky sounds. My heart rate increased and drops of sweat raced down my body quicker than sound. Did I do something wrong? Was I not meant to kiss the dolphin? The crying got severely more intense and I began to shiver like a swimmer when he makes his first plunge. The dolphin moved in all directions, up-down, left-right started to jump and twirl around like a maniac.

The lifeguards seemed absolutely furious with me, they called the local vet. Everyone frowned upon me and looked at me as if I was some sort of murderer. But everything I did was in complete good faith, this isn’t my fault? The dolphin continued acting like he had a spasm attack and was trembling in all directions. The frown on the peoples faces did anything but decrease, I felt worse than Hitler or Vlad.

I heard the sirens of the ambulance approaching like dynamite, my legs started to quiver like a chicken. What is the ambulance going to do? Please God, save him? The dolphin started to struggle more and instantaneously he took his last breath.

I tore up. Completely. I couldn’t think, function or move. Did I just send an animal to heaven? I started praying to god. No, please. This isn’t possible. You know that frown that everyone had upon me, yeah well that just got a thousand times worse. How will I live like this? What is the point now?

I then heard some more sirens approaching and saw two people in blue walk out of the car and they said “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law”.

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