Comparison is the thief of joy, I heard.

Sounds true!

The nature of the human mind is to compare, analyse, interpret, and draw firm conclusions. It is the life blood of a human mind.

The social media amplifies the “comparison” aspect. It is hard to see someone sipping cocktails in the Maldives while you are dreading your daily mundane existence.

But then society teaches you not to compare yourself with others. It is “supposedly” bad to compare yourself with others. You then take this as an oath to forever remain in conflict and punish yourself for comparing yourself to others.

But understand this,

It is not good or bad to compare.

It is futile.


You are comparing it wrong way. Whenever you compare yourself to others, it is very likely you are picking only one aspect of that person’s life and comparing it to yours. It doesn’t work that way. The human life is wholeness. You can not just pick what you like and discard what you don’t. You have to do a full swap while comparing.

If you catch yourself comparing to a rich and famous guy, you can not just trade for his fame and million dollars. You must be willing to take on his physical ailments. You must be ready to take on his dysfunctional relationships. You must be willing to take on his financial stress that comes with being a millionaire.

Each human life is so complex and unique in its own ways that it is impossible to compare and replicate in totality.


It is not GOOD or BAD to compare.


It is a waste of your emotional energy reserve.

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