Truth Seeker

I find writing “About Me” already a flawed activity. Like everything else, I am in constant flux. I am never the same everyday. I am changing and evolving everyday. I contradict myself everyday. Describing myself in few lines is a futile attempt. If I am my roles — I am a son, brother, friend, husband and now a father. If I am my profession — I am a Scientist. If I am my likes and interests — I am a car enthusiast, movie fanatic, avid music listener, sports lover, meditator, tech lover, traveller, reader and a blogger. However, underneath all these transient layers of labels and identities, there is one that is free of all identities and remains unruffled regardless of time. The ONE that never changes but is always present to witness all the changes that are happening within and without. The ONE that sees it all. I am that.

“I” for “Identity”

Whenever you are troubled, unsettled or feel insulted, often the underlying reason is, Identity. Personal Identity. If someone tells you that you are not a good parent, who takes that offense? Your identity as a parent is threatened. If someone tells you that you are not great at what you do, who takes that insult? Your identity as a professional is diminished. If someone tells you that you are not a good friend. Who gets angry at such comments? You, as a friend, gets offended. Are you thr...
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Comparison is the thief of joy, I heard. Sounds true! The nature of the human mind is to compare, analyse, interpret, and draw firm conclusions. It is the life blood of a human mind. The social media amplifies the “comparison” aspect. It is hard to see someone sipping cocktails in the Maldives while you are dreading your daily mundane existence. But then society teaches you not to compare yourself with others. It is “supposedly” bad to compare yourself with others. You then take this as an o...
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On The Fence

The Human Dilemma…. Always sitting on the fence… Thinking and evaluating… Facing the fears… Overanalysing… Trying to be certain about the uncertainty…. One side is the cocoon of comfort… The other side is the abyss of unknown… Jump or not to jump… Wise or unwise…. Only time can tell ! ...
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Perpetuating the problem

Have you ever wondered why you love talking about your problems? Not the problems which are practical or analytical in nature where you can take clear action. For example, you have a flat tyre, you go to the repair shop, problem solved. You won’t keep ruminating about the flat tyre. I am implying the problems where you are unable to take any clear action to correct it. It is not in your hands so to speak. The psychological problems where there is no clearly defined path to solve it, nor ther...
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Not so sure

Ohh I was so sure!I was so sure about myself!I thought I knew what I was doing!I thought I knew what I wanted!Ohhh I was so sure about others!I thought I knew everyone around me!So hypnotic was the spell that I thought I have the control!Was I so wrong! I was so wrong!As the life moves ahead relentlessly and days slip by, the walls of illusion came crumbling down!And suddenly…..I am not so sure!I am not so sure about myself…I am not so sure about anyone or anything!Everywhere I go, I meet parado...
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