Perpetuating the problem

Have you ever wondered why you love talking about your problems?

Not the problems which are practical or analytical in nature where you can take clear action. For example, you have a flat tyre, you go to the repair shop, problem solved. You won’t keep ruminating about the flat tyre.

I am implying the problems where you are unable to take any clear action to correct it.

It is not in your hands so to speak.

The psychological problems where there is no clearly defined path to solve it, nor there is an apparent final solution.

Such problems often relate to “other” people or situations created by “other” people.

If you observe closely, you may find it’s the same people or situations, resurfacing again and again.

You may find distinct repetitive pattern to it. You clearly identify the pattern but your reaction to it never changes.

So, what do you do?

You compensate your inability to solve it, by talking about it.

Repetitively talking about the same problem, perpetuates the problem………. never solves it.

So why keep talking about it?

Because who would be a man without his so-called problems?

He needs to keep the game alive.

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