First Project

So I think I have the first project I would like to accomplish. It's interesting since I actually don't know how to code. So it's time to learn.

As I ponder though, I think it may just be two shell scripts. I think the shell can do it. Here is the idea, I need two tasks accomplished.

  1. Create a check for a folder, one for year and one for month. Then check for a file with the current date and open it in Vim. If it doesn't exist create it and Open it in Vim
  2. Second task would take text from all files and place it into one document. (pdf or somthing) This would be for printing.

Don't know how hard it would be but seems like a fun project. The I would just type the command jentry and Vim would open up for me. Then maybe jentry-book or somthing to make my one file.

I plan on figuring out how to make this immediatly. Wish me luck.

One distro will rule them all!

I've been a distro hopper for years. I seem to be on a constant search for that one Linux distro that will fufill all my needs and wants. There are six main things I am always looking for.

  1. It needs to be sufficently geeky
  2. Have a certain level of complication to it. (only to make me feel like I know somthing)
  3. Needs to be rolling
  4. Needs to use an underdog of a desktop environment
  5. I need to have access to most anything I would like to install
  6. Needs a small, solid community full of helpful individuals I feel I can build friendships with.

So this past couple weeks I think I found my final home, well at least for some time. What distro could it be? Archlabs has met all my criteria. The community is small and friendly, they have about the best Openbox implementation I have used, they are on arch which settles the rolling and package access, and it installs fairly easily with just a little know how needed. Let alone all the tweaking that can be done..and with text files, who wouldn't love that!

Here is my workstation as of today.

Money and Privacy

So in this world where everyone knows everything about you and all your shopping history is shared with the highest bidder, what does one do to stay a little more anonymous? I've started taking some measures to improve my own situation and thought I would share them with you here.

I am using two main methods right now:

  1. is my main way to do online payments or anything over the phone.
  2. I can create a one time burner card number.
  3. Cards work for only one vendor.
  4. I can set a max spending limit per card.
  5. I don't have to use my real name or address with the cards.

So as and example, I have a card for each of my utility bills with a max withdrawal just a tad above the average. This allows me to be alerted when they try to auto draft and it was more than I was expecting. I also have cards assigned to Amazon, iTunes, and my email and VPN service. And again, these cards only work at these vendors, so if someone got my email providers info they would only be able to spend $9 a month and only at that vendor. I really like the service, note it does link to your checking account. The funds have to come from somewhere, so always use a good password and 2factor auth.

  1. My other method is for on the street. I started buying Visa gift cards for myself. I know that I pay an extra couple bucks for $100 card. But I can use that card anywhere and not worry about it being traced back to my checking, or if I loose it there is only a finite amount of funds on it. I haven't come across anyplace that won't take them either.

So that's about it. I am looking into some other methods to keep my finances on the downlow so to speak. As I find better methods I will be sure to share them. If you have any questions you can always find me on the twitters @7im4pple.


How I Do Privacy

I have fallen into the privacy band wagon so to speak..if there is one. Now I'm not talking tin-foil hat, hiding from the NSA privacy. What I am thinking of is basic safety and a making it a bit harder for the general public to track me. So I am going to start taking steps to get there. In the meantime I will share what I am doing and how, so you could possibly do the same. If you ever want to comment or ask a question just drop me a note on the twitters.