First Project

So I think I have the first project I would like to accomplish. It's interesting since I actually don't know how to code. So it's time to learn.

As I ponder though, I think it may just be two shell scripts. I think the shell can do it. Here is the idea, I need two tasks accomplished.

  1. Create a check for a folder, one for year and one for month. Then check for a file with the current date and open it in Vim. If it doesn't exist create it and Open it in Vim
  2. Second task would take text from all files and place it into one document. (pdf or somthing) This would be for printing.

Don't know how hard it would be but seems like a fun project. The I would just type the command jentry and Vim would open up for me. Then maybe jentry-book or somthing to make my one file.

I plan on figuring out how to make this immediatly. Wish me luck.

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