Surveillance Capitalism Ressources

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Books & Education

Quality Journalism

PAY. REAL. MONEY. FOR. IT. Don't use Facebook or other surveillance capitalism coorporations for getting informed. 

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              Movies & Talks

              • Center for humane tech: A new agenda for tech |

              Privacy Tools

              Privacy guides

              Selected Tools

              • Mobile Phone-settings:
                • Use flight-mode often
                • Turn off location sharing 
                • Turn of notifications except calls and maybe text
                • Install apps to measure your time spent on your phone
                  • Anti-Social
                  • Quality Time 

              Other links:

              Fighter Mindset 

              Make it your personal goal to develop more tolerance for inconvenience in your quest to take control over your digital life. Adding friction reduces the amount of willpower you need to use to accustom to new habits. To hurt surveillance capitalism companies economically and reduce their predictive power over you, begin minimizing your dataflow on their platforms today. 

                Don't fall for the false dichotomies and rhetoric:

                • Perfect / Failed
                  • You will never be a perfect activist. Nor will you be a complete failure. (Unless you stop caring).
                • Optimist / Pessimist
                  •     Ask yourself: What can I do about this? And go do it! It doesn't matter very much if your an optimist or a pessimist! (Well, maybe if your voice influences other people alot...) It matters whether you're an activist or an inactivist
                • Idealist / Realist 
                  • The rhetoric used to describe your current position or values remains less important than the direction of you're actions: Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution?

                Fighters toolkit:

                • Most important factors of resistance to persuasion
                  • Ability to premeditate 
                    • self-awareness to think through consequences
                  • Commitment 
                    • manifested goals
                    • tracking progress
                    • principles and habbits
                • Education
                  • Know your why's 
                  • Avoid misinformation and don't be a sucker



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