going minimalist

Some time ago I've read Leo Babauta's book on minimalism and found it very nice and inspiring. But I haven't learned my lesson because I've kept buying things instead of getting rid of them. This week I've found myself skimming that book again, esp. having found yet another book on minimalism in a bookstore I've visited.

First, I've got this thought about how cool it'd be to read this new book on minimalism. Then, I've recognized my own failure: buying second book on minimalism would be outright stupid. Instead, I've skimmed that book's table of contents and went home to continue reading Leo Babauta's. Having two books about minimalism would obviously be against spirit of minimalism!

Now I am restarting my little project to get rid of at least one thing I no longer use or need every day. I have even set a goal in the Loop Habit Tracker app to watch how well I'm doing and to motivate myself a bit more, since seeing my progress already motivates me a lot when doing my daily morning workouts or meditation practice.

Things I used to get rid of in the past (I've already tried that less then a year ago) were: unused apps and old pictures on my phone, email I have read and/or replied to, etc. It worked very well in the past and I hope to get even better at it this time.

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