Committing to a Project

In my last blog post titled Paralysis of Choice I talked about my problem with committing to a personal project. I had a bunch of lovely feedback, some via the Twitter thread where I mentioned the post. A lot of it was from people telling me they feel the same way, or that it reminded them of other similar posts. 

So I'm not alone! Good. Phew!

A few days later Liam Dawe, my Internet friend from GamingOnLinux tweeted out "Tempted to make a game. Perhaps a wave based shooter, with some cool effects. Sounds like a good starting point?". This piqued my interest. Liam then says "I've wanted to for years, so now I'm just going to fucking do it. Even if it's shit, I did something."

Can relate!

So I piled in with the suggestion I was "Thinking we should both do something (separately) to help motivate eachother?".

This felt like a good plan! We could both work on our own little projects, in our own time, and provide updates and motivation to eachother when we've made some achievements. I liked this idea. I will be more motivated to know someone else is working on something too. 

Skip forward a week or so and Liam taunts me with "started your game yet? 😇"!

Yikes. All I've done is think this was a good idea. I'd not written any code, or even thought about what kind of game I want to write. But wait, this is supposed to be fun, a distraction, and something I can do in my spare time. I should go easier on myself, while still committing to make something, whatever that is. 

Today I had a chat with my good friend Stuart, who always encourages me to create stuff. I mentioned I was 'falling behind' with the 'Liam Challenge'. Stuart and I have a meeting later on this evening about something else. He has challenged me to have something done by the discussion we're having later this evening. Thankfully the kids are out, which gives me a whole Saturday afternoon/evening to myself. 

So I've rummaged through my Vault of Unfinished Ideas and found one I have been meaning to write for a few years now. Now it's a Small Matter Of Programming. I'll be back when I have something to show. Cheerio!

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