Hello, World!

My blog is now officially nonempty! I guess I should introduce myself...

My name's Pupper (or pupp3r or Nervous Pupper). I'm a hacker/webdev based in Toronto and I spend way too much time lurking in various corners of the internet.

By Day

I'm a university student and full stack web developer. I work full time at my job during the summer, and part time when I'm in school.

By Night

I'm a hobbyist hacker, CTF participant, conference goer, and cool project maker.

CTF-wise, my favourite events are the OSINT CTFs held by Trace Labs here in Toronto. At their last local CTF, my team and I came in 4th place after being 1st with only 25 minutes to go. The next one is at BSidesTO, but this time we plan on winning (stay tuned to see how that goes).

As for conferences, I've only been to a couple thus far. I went to DEF CON 27 this year, which got me completely hooked on hacker culture and further solidified my decision to make a career in the security field. I'll also be going to BSides and SecTor here in Toronto.

Some local hacker friends and I also run biweekly meetups here in Toronto. These tend to be the highlight of my otherwise boring week. We bring beer, hang out, show off new devices/hacks/projects, blast some 1337 tunes, and do CTFs. We're open to all skill levels and all ages, although generally you should be 18+.

Now for the "cool projects" part, you'll just have to check out the projects section of my main website.

Let's get in touch

Just kidding... I don't share my online accounts with random blog visitors. If you know me from elsewhere then you already know where to hit me up.

If you're new or you found my site on a sticker in public, shoot me an email at blog[at]pupp3r.net (especially if you're in the Toronto area). I'm always down to chat with new people, but I don't like linking all my online accounts in one place.

Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog. I don't really have an objective with this thing yet... I'll just write about whatever I find interesting.


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