The Fall

I prepared for this situation knowing I would need to run away one day. The tension, pain, and confusion has built up over the last few months. A man can only take so much before he breaks, right? So here I am in this place, designated by a plan that was never shared with anyone nor documented. Within a few hours of time, I deleted all of my social media accounts, turned off my phone, packed up my car, and began driving.

I said goodbye to everyone at work, but not with finality. They would never think of me going AWOL, especially not my direct supervisor. Not in a million years. I had too much responsibility. I was the man with the plan. I'm still imagining the rage of my boss calling a dead phone over and over again and while simutaneously being crushed by the workload I was supposed to be handling. I'm confident the walls were shaking that afternoon.

In hindsight, it was incredibly easy to pull off the first part: getting away. Now, I'm living out my car contemplating my next move. And while I have a few ideas of what to do next, none of them are coming to fruition right away - this is my foreseeable future.

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