I spent the last two days on outfitting and recon. The morning I arrived, I went straight to Wal-Mart and purchased a new smart-phone and a monthly unlimited talk/text plan with 2GB 4GLTE for a whopping $55. I also bought some essential foodstuffs like bread, peanut-butter and jelly for PB&J's, seasoned rice packages, ramen, instant oats, instant coffee, a bag of apples, and a lot of water. Everything paid in cash.

The rest of the morning was designated to setting up my new phone with FOSS apps and configuring the settings for a blend of privacy, security, and usability. First and foremost was downloading OSMAND+ with local and regional maps for offline use. Then I replaced all stock communication and media apps, like swapping out Contacts with OpenContacts, and Gboard with AnySoftKeyboard for increased privacy. NetGuard and SuperFreezZ were next for more privacy and performance. Then I spruced up the place with some of my favorite open-source apps like Red Moon, RadioDroid, NewPipe, Aegis, and Standard Notes.

I hit the road again, looking for quiet and private places where I could eat, sleep, and possibly bathe. As I discovered potential resting spots, I was flagging their locations in OSMAND+ for later. However, there was enough caffeine in my body to kill a small child at this point and I was beginning to feel impaired while driving. The culmination of total exhaustion from working, sleep deprivation, caffeine overload, and lack of nutrition began to take control. My body was telling me to stop. I had done enough. It was time to rest.

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