Check, Check, 1-2-3... Check

I was introduced to USB Tethering today, thanks to my CompTIA A+ certification book, and it just solved a tiny problem I had. My main laptop doesn't have Bluetooth connectivity, so a Mobile Hotspot wouldn't work, but USB Tethering 100% does. Actually, it doesn't even have a wireless network card and for some reason my USB Wi-Fi adapter works on my other laptop running the same OS, but not this one. Project for another day.

Since it's a lot easier to charge my phone while I'm driving than it is to find a place that has both decent Wi-Fi AND an accessible power outlet to use my laptop, I decided to do the bulk of my writing for this blog on my phone. A few months ago, I bought a new Bluetooth keyboard that works marvelously with phones.

I'm using the blogging platform because I can do everything right from Standard Notes, which makes things stupid easy. However, I can't upload to my Listed blog from the mobile app. I have to use the desktop version.

All-in-all, the entire process of uploading a post and viewing it in a browser consumed 3mb's of cellular data. Wonderful.

Here's a breakdown of the process:

  1. Write draft in Standard Notes (offline), either on laptop battery charge or mobile device.
  2. Connect phone to laptop via USB.
  3. Turn on laptop (if it's not already on) and begin boot process.
  4. Go to phone network settings and turn on USB tethering.
  5. When OS boots to homescreen, open terminal and connect to TOR via ProtonVPN.
  6. Check connectivity to TOR.
  7. Open Standard Notes and wait until sync is finished.
  8. Open note that you wish to upload.
  9. Upload to Listed
  10. Open link to view blog in browser.
  11. Profit???

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