I pulled into a dark, empty plaza and drove the outskirts until I reached a quiet corner facing railroad tracks.

To my left, there was a dense area of trees obscured in darkness. To my right, there a long wall that made up a portion of one of the buildings.

It was a good place to cook some ramen and read, or so I thought.

First the rustling of leaves disturbed me - it sounded like footfall to my paranoid ears.

A few moments passed before I heard what sounded like a shriek or wail, but it was most likely an animal I've never been exposed to before.

That noise made my skin crawl, though.

In my head I was imagining a couple of different scenarios of a witch-like creature to jump out of the woods and attack me. More realistically, I thought, it was a group of insane-homeless-woodland people who were watching me through the thick of the brush with intentions of robbing me blind.

I kept cooking.

It was only mere seconds after I cleaned up when I heard another human-like, shrill sound.

Yep. It was time to go.

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