Telework, COVID, and OCD

II have been blessed to have a job during this rough time of a pandemic. I have been teleworking for around 8 or 9 months and there is no end in sight. I enjoy teleworking slightly, but it is tough sometimes. I miss seeing my coworkers, and I miss having lunch with them and making trips to the coffeepot.

One day we all will get back to normal and our kids will go back to school, we will see family, and we can make trips to concerts or see our families during the holidays. My family attends a hockey game once or twice a year, but that is not in the cards for a while. We were planning to take my daughter to her first sporting event, but COVID has ruined those plans.

I notice myself in OCD mode a bit more than normal while teleworking. If I was in person at work, I would go talk to someone to help stop an OCD cycle. It is much harder to break the cycle now that I am home alone. We use conference software to stay in touch, but it isn’t the same.

I hope you all are doing well and are overcoming these tough circumstances. Vaccines are on the horizon, and COVID will be a distant memory soon. We will get through this and be stronger when we rise on the other side!

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