Worst or Least - matters of choice

The Troublous Paradox of Brexit Choices

I assert that the multiple Brexit choices we have to make present us with unknowable outcomes - and the most potentially dangerous outcome will be to leave the EU without a deal - Thus our single choice rests in us backing the contender for PM who is least likely to commit us to the suicide option of no deal - no amount of dissembling will change that.


  • TO BE overcome with choices and fail to act - or- TO DO what is necessary and sufficient ? - that is the question


To be unable to make an informed choice , being overcome with choices

Too much choice causes feelings of less happiness, less satisfaction and leads to paralysis. The paradox of choice is recognized as one of the major sources of mass confusion - with the nature of available options being critical. It is mostly the lack of meaningful choice that develops feelings of decreased happiness, less satisfaction and fatally constrains decision making.

Since we are not able to explicitly define what constitutes a meaningful choice, the Brexit decision task we collectively face presents us with an overload of ill-defined '"wicked problems". We are dealing with inherently unknown ambulant matters, offering us little more than uncertainty and often unfathomable complexity (Rittel - wicked problems defined)

Practical solutions do NOT lie in limiting the scope of multiple choices (Johnson or Corbyn or Barnier or?) but in providing decision makers with single topical matter choices, that are relevant to them all (Schwartz ) - and help them "cofound" mutually acceptable, perhaps even initially unwished for, solutions that will just satisy ENOUGH ( the satisficer concept)

" The best determinant of future performance is past performance projected and adjusted in accordance with a realistic plan"

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