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Editorial Summary 26/3

The Hindu: Faster, Sooner comorbidity condition was highly restrictive and also need for a medical certificate made it inaccessible for many making comorbidities unrequired for a vaccine is commendable as vaccines are a tool to promote health equity vaccination programme witnessing lukewarm participation by private medical facilities India has the means and resources to accelerate daily vaccination rate, but political will is missing, absents targets, awareness building exercises, permissibili...
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Editorial Summary 25/3

The Hindu: Tactical abstention India abstained vote on UNHRC resolution on Sri Lanka reflects unwillingness to upset neighbour, utilising the opportunity to preserve diplomatic space and contain influence of China on Sri Lanka while simultaneously maintaining support for Tamil minority India has not been comfortable with externally mandated investigations- in the past said that Tamil aspirations and unity and integrity of Sri Lanka, both important recently, Sri Lanka facing democracy deficit...
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Editorial Summary 24/3

Mumbai muckracking charge on Home Minister not surprising, nevertheless needs serious investigation reputation of Mr Singh hardly inspiring, raised allegations only after he was removed as Commissioner -Singh moving to SC for CBI inquiry is self-implicating as he could have acted on these allegations while he was commissioner -BJP trying to topple the State government using central agencies Singh has been important instrument for State govt : the testimony of which is the fact that Shiv Sena s...
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Editorial Summary 22/3

Junk inefficiency 22/3/21 benefits cleaner environment pushing demand for automobile industry post-covid ### challenges establishing credible system of automated fitness checks getting states on board to put road tax and registration concessions large number of heavy commercial vehicles which lack fitness certificates- absence of financial arrangements for small operators prioritising fuel efficiency Rising poverty 22/3/21 rising poverty and high economic disparity in India- pandemic has ...
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Editorial Summary 23/3

Free and Open US Secretary of Defense Austin's visit to India visited early on in President Biden's tenure- tells about priority India holds for US and US' focus on maritime cooperation in Indo-Pacific bilateral: improve defence relationship, AI, info sharing, logistics, space On Afghanistan: so far, not paid much heed to India's concerns on talks with the Taliban On sanctions on countries procuring Russian military hardware: would be applied to India only after procurement of missile system ...
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