Editorial Summary 22/3

Junk inefficiency 22/3/21


  • cleaner environment
  • pushing demand for automobile industry post-covid ### challenges
  • establishing credible system of automated fitness checks
  • getting states on board to put road tax and registration concessions
  • large number of heavy commercial vehicles which lack fitness certificates- absence of financial arrangements for small operators
  • prioritising fuel efficiency

Rising poverty 22/3/21

rising poverty and high economic disparity in India- pandemic has affected the lowest strata of society most


  • Pew Research Center report- claims that the number of poors in India has swelled so as to undo progress made in preceding 9 years
  • much more stark increase in poverty in India as compared to China- caveat: base year for China is 2016, while that for India is 2011
  • jump in demand for MNREGA opportunities fiscal policy response has been underwhelming risk of much more increase in poverty as the covid cases rise again

The ground report in the Assam duel 22/3/21

BJP agenda

  • implement the Assam record- got support
  • polarising narrative and nationalism
  • caution in seeking votes on CAA- opposition in state, especially by Assamese- but hides ideological intentions behind election language (as Assam accord has secular fundamentals)
  • protect jati (nationality) , mati (land) and bheti (foundation)- invoking religious identities of voters and presenting Muslim civilisation as a threat to the other ethnic and religious communities

Congress and allies agenda

  • unemployment
  • price rise in essential commodities
  • daily wages guarantee to tea garden workers
  • notwithstanding opposition to CAA- factor in cementing alliance

AJP and Raijot Dal

  • forged alliance to defeat all nationnal parties
  • not joining Grand Opposition alliance because claims AIUDF communal,
  • not allying with BJP because claims BJP communal- have been mobilizing people against CAA
  • formation of this alliance could lead to splitting up of anti-CAA votes in favour of BJP

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