Day 6

After a long layover at Dubai and a delayed flight from Dubai to Nairobi I am at the Nairobi airport. I also managed to get the priority pass lounge here, something that I had planned for Dubai to get some shuteye there.
I do not have the boarding pass for Kigali so waiting for Rwanda Air guys to open their counter so that I can get the boarding pass. I also need to check whether my luggage is on its way to Kigali.
This travel planning was so rushed that I could not even check weather at Kigali. The maximum temperature at Kigali is at 21 degree.. way lower than Delhi which is registering 48-49 degree heatwave.
All this hurriedness and lack of mental bandwidth is casing a lot of challenge in my day to day things. This need to be my top priority to get it in control.

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