What am I teaching my daughter?

There are five things that I am working on to teach my daughter.


I want her to have a strong internal system that guides her how to act. The Greeks talked about every action guided by the 4 cardinal virtues: wisdom, moderation, justice, and courage. I don't think you can improve much on that list. I want her to have a deep sense of caring about others. I want her to want to produce the best outcomes for the most amount of people.


I want to teach her how to be an optimist. I think it's impossible to be creative if you can't imagine that thins are going to turn out well.


I want to teach her an art that will allow her to appreciate the beauty of the world. It will also teach her the discipline of practice. Music is something you can create and share with friends for a very long time.


I want to expose her to a more scientific way of looking at the world.


It's important to still yourself and be calm or you can't do the things you want to do. This took me so long to learn but hopefully it's something that she can learn at a younger age than I did.

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