Learning Patience

So, I’m laying in bed, with Bones on in the background reflecting on the day. Some days are great, some are good, and  every once in awhile, some are down right terrible. Today was somewhere in the middle of all three of those.

On the one hand I had almost a whole day wasted by a client. Like a full eight hours, just gone.

On the other hand, I was officially offered an amazing opportunity with an awesome company. Now I just have to get through the next couple of weeks to start. I guess this will be a great lesson in patience. 😂

The house is finally starting to come together. All the stupid lights are fixed. The French doors close now. The mailbox is fixed. Yard sale has been had. Furniture has been sold. New couch has been bought. Office has been cleaned. It’s good. Stable. 

As we prepare for the jellybean arrival, I’m going spend the next couple of weeks/months in organizing bills, autopay, sell the damn car. It has served its purpose and served me well, it’s just time to simplify as much as we can in the near future. 

It seems like there is not enough time in the day for all these things, but I know that’s just my perception of time. ⏳


Initial Commit

This is my first ‘official’ blog entry. I have started various blogs in the past and then fallen off the writing train after a couple of days. Partially it’s a motivation issue and partially a time issue. Between working a full day, keeping up a family, a house, exercising, studying, etc., it can seem like a pretty daunting task to write something that almost no one is going to read.

However, this time is going through to be different. It has to be. I have a little new jellybean on the way (due in March 🎉) and I have too much going on both personally and professionally to not make a commitment to improve myself.

I do believe that the Standard Notes concept has some amazing potential, which is why I have decided to use this platform. It’s lightweight, easy to use, integrates to both my MacBook and my iPhone (where I have written the majority of this post) and for the most part, is pretty easy to use. More importantly, everything is encrypted and private, unless I tell it otherwise; like I did with this blog post. I do software installations and configurations all day long. So having the ability to just write is very helpful.

Ok. Enough for today. I have rambled long enough.

#100Days #Day1