This is going to be a quick one. Because I want to do other stuff, and also because I once again have no clue what to write about. Surprise!

You know, sometimes I just feel like I have nothing of worth to contribute. That sounds much sadder than it is. Today, for example, I just feel like working, studying, but not writing. Because there's nothing in my head that feels worthy of being written down. And I don't want to pressure myself to have valuable thoughts every day. Some days are for reflection, for simply living, and not for outputting anything. So I'm treating this writing as therapy. Don't expect anything interesting here. If you're still reading, you should ask yourself why. What are you expecting? Something insightful? No way. I'm not writing anything of worth here today. Maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow might be the best, smartest, most life-changing piece of writing I'll ever write and you'll ever read. I might disclose the secrets of the universe. But today I'm definitely not doing that. I'm just rattling on, basically.

I think the world would be a better place if we all drank more water. For two reasons. One: people in the west drink way too much soft drinks and juice and milk and it makes them fat. Water fills you up, hydrates you and doesn't make you fat. Two: people in developing countries often don't have enough water, and if they'd just magically drink more water, that would be very good. I know that they can't, because they don't have clean drinking water. But I'm just saying, if. Oh, another nice thing about water, to add to the first point, is that it's the cheapest thing in existence, and pretty much everyone in the west can get it without packaging. Two more reasons why non-water drinks suck: they cost money and waste plastic. That also goes for bottled water, by the way. It goes double, actually, because the companies know that they're just taking a public good and turning it into a private good for profit, thus harming people's wallets and the environment. And people, somehow, are willing to spend money on these scams. I think, by the way, that tea also counts. Because tea is basically water anyways, except with some healthy antioxidants or whatever. I don't really know if tea is good for you. But they contain antioxidants (I think) and these are good for you (I think). Anyways, tea is still like 99% water, so even if the tea part was somehow bad, it would still be 99% good. That's more that can be said for soda and juice and milk. And tea is also cheap and almost waste-free. (Except if you buy individually packed teabags, I guess.)

I'm getting bored from my own ranting, so I'm going to call it a day. Day.

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