I'm gonna be honest, I didn't even finish this album yet. I just really want to write about it so I don't forget how I feel.

I like to think of music, especially heavy music, in terms of scratching an itch. Some music scratches a particular shallow itch really well, even violently. Some ultra-heavy music can scratch such an itch until it hurts. (I wonder how this all sounds to someone who isn't into heavy music... inviting, no?)

NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM also is in the business of itch-scratching, but the itch it targets is deep. As such, it can never fully be scratched. Satisfaction can never be reached. Because the itch is a spiritual one, and in order to scratch it, the music has to transport you to a different world. Once there, you'll want to stay there, however turbulent and violent this world is. There's something true about this world; it feels truer than our own world. So when the album is over (which takes some time, mind you), you're left wanting to go back to this wonderfully hideous spiritual world that's so much like our own and yet nothing like it. When I see the ugly ugliness of the real world, I miss the beautiful ugliness of this album.

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