It's good: Torche – Harmonicraft

Ah, the incomparable joy of finding out that an album you loved years ago is still great! The infectious joy and energy of Torche's Harmonicraft hasn't diminished at all over the years. So, I guess this is, like, poppy sludge punk? They sound like the perfect band to see live, which makes me a bit sad that I haven't.

This album is also consistently good, it really doesn't let up. Every single song takes its ideas in interesting directions, and most of them are fantastic sing-along songs as well. The last two songs are somewhat outlier-y, being hypnotic almost kraut rocky and doom metal-inspired respectively, but they still fit with the sound that the band establishes with the rest of the album. I really love this sound, and the way they execute it here is just spot-on.

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