It's good: Gnod & João Pais Filipe – Faca de Fogo

What a beautiful, hypnotic, crushing album. This is 4 tracks, 44 minutes of droning, pounding and at times grooving noise rock. Though 'noise rock' doesn't really cover the kaleidoscopic range that this album has. It constantly shifts before your eyes (ears?), it refuses to be pinned down, which is terrible to write about but lovely to listen to. (I refuse to list all the genres that this album pulls from. You listen and figure it out for yourself.) Percussionist and 'sound sculptor' João Pais Filipe seems to really add a lot to these tracks, which sound like true collaborations and are bursting with sponteneity and passion.

This album is highly contemporary in its experimentation, bleakness and lack of convention, but at the same time it deeply embodies the timeless spirit of music-making.

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