It's good: Angelique Kidjo – Remain in Light

It's a daunting task, covering an entire album, and even moreso when the album is a classic. Angelique Kidjo's take on Talking Heads' Remain in Light taps into the afrobeat and other African influences on the original, and makes them the musical focus. And I have to say that this is quite the genius move. The adaptation into this new style sounds effortless, which of course reveals the original album's influences, but is also a testament to Kidjo's incredible musical skill. If I hadn't known about Talking Heads or Remain in Light, I'd probably still greatly enjoy this album.

Another big change from the original is the lack of vocal delivery. While the original is drenched in biting irony and sarcasm, Kidjo's voice is earnest and direct, and even optimistic. The transformation of the classic lyrics of Once in a Lifetime, purely through vocal delivery and instrumental support, is absolutely incredible. This is music magic, right here.

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