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The Stifling Fear of Commitment

There are people who genuinely fear commitment as a concept. I don't consider myself among them. That being said, the older I become, the more I realize how seriously I take commitments, which gives me pause on making important decisions. Case in point: My business. Those who know me know that I'm working on starting a services and consulting company centered around personal security, especially digitally, and online privacy. Single-member LLC seems like the right move for the business entity, b...
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Writing Again

Writing Again Standard Notes really wants us to use Listed and seems quite convinced that we'll write on this platform more than others. I'd be genuinely curious why. Anyway, writing. I write a lot of emails, text messages, guides, synopses, social media posts (and comments), but I rarely write long-form for creative or recreational reasons anymore. Clearly something has changed. I used to write all the time, especially when I was a teenager and while I had my video games, the distractions av...
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