Body Mind Soul Nature. One step at a time.

What is buddha-nature?

Buddha-nature is a way of life and not about a religious aspect. In fact, there should be some discernment for any organized religion, no matter which one it is, if only for the mere fact that corruption is blatant and constant in every single one of them. Buddha-nature is a harmonized way of life. It is a way of being in one’s own true self and having some path or natural understanding of harmony. The path of righteousness could be here. The path to righteousness is not about selfish serving....
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Media is what?

Now that we are present in our world situation, it may be time for the media front to house a higher percentage of actual communication grids, ingrained with active, round table participation on different levels, and a round table of leaders. The majority of what we have that is supposedly new, still revolves around the idea of a talker on stage and their listeners. Which can work if it is an actual educational transfer, that is much needed, but how many times does it actually act as the real fi...
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The Great Transmission

*This is an introduction. It is for you to be inspired and delve into what you need or want to understand. Search and find more information for yourself. And you should. Transmission A transmission is energy passing from one thing to another. Its root comes from Latin transmissionem, a sending over or across; passage. In science, it is usually measured by visible light and heat absorption. In healing, such as in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) it is the passing of energy or knowledge/underst...
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Do Nothing Part I

One man profits and another man sinks. This happens in life. It is a part of an ongoing occurrence. Even with animals we see it. That competitive nature, the game of life so to speak. But only if you’re running the race. But sometimes, what is given to one has been taken from another. Directly. Through pure will and intention or unintentionally. Intentionally, many people will say is evil. Unintentionally, people regard as ignorant. Regardless, ignorance is not so easily forgivable,by many. Us...
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Face to face with spiritual bankruptcy (part 2)

Spiritual depravity is something that is created from both the outside and the inside. The inside With the inability to take responsibility for one’s self and see how one plays a role in the life of opposites, spiritual depravity will be present. A deep recognition of history or real understanding of human nature is necessary to join a wholesome and healing discussion about completeness and being. Understanding the role of one’s self in the world is not so easy with ill-education or misuse of t...
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The science of perception

Perception can rule a person. If it turns into belief, and then a habit, it is now something solid that has the ability to take over many generations. Habits can leave impressions found on our genes. Perception is not so individualistic. We are human and live and work in groups. This is why groups of people can have the same or similar perceptions. The most common example is a religious or spiritual belief. There are other, meaningful reasons why people follow beliefs, but here I am focusing onl...
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The collective subconscious

What is it? The bigger connection we find with each other, only we are not always aware of it. Some people are more aware of it than others, and some may try to take advantage of this knowing. So people should be reminded of this. But not to worry, mastering such a vast space is like mastering the grabbing and keeping of air. Not going to happen. If you look at ants working together, they work in a very large group. Most animals and insects do this. Do you ever see them moving one way all toget...
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The Nature of Extremes

It is like the hot and cold, the low and high, heaven and underground, the starving and the fat, the helpless and the guru, the fan and the famous, the powerful and the poverty. The extremes of dichotomy – that need one another to exist. Each feeds off of each other to exist. Each needs the other to be in their place, to survive, thrive and live in that position. And in reality, they are one, moving each other, coming together, moving apart, like two arms of the same body. But it is only a posi...
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