Three things to enjoy

Sept 20

I decided to pause this series of recommendations. This was good as a proof to myself that I can be consistent and stick to something for a while. It was also a good way to explore new things and start to get more confident at sharing.

I'm going to keep sharing, but I'm shifting to creation instead of recollection.

Sept 6

  1. This review of Ted Chiang's Exhalation
  2. This cool thing, just open the link and drag your mouse.
  3. An online puzzle! I made this one based on an image by Studio Feixen

Aug 30

  1. Baby Snake, by Ramiz Rovshan a poet from Azerbaijan
  2. This interview of Sun Ra, Helsinki 1978. (Video 9:06 min)
  3. These diagrams from Stan Allen

Aug 23

  1. An interview of James Baldwin
  2. An Isolation Odyssey, by Lydia Cambron (Video, 12:04 min)
  3. Four poems by Idea Vilariño, a poet from Uruguay

Aug 16

  1. The making of MILCAPS (video, 3:40 min), from the mind of one of my favorite artists: Marcelí Antúnez Roca
  2. The notebooks of Ana Frois, architect and visual artist from Portugal.
  3. An interview about cumbia from Mario Galeano Torres (5:37 min), a Colombian musician.

August 9

  1. Fading, an experimental short film (11 min) with amazing music by Donavon. By Jackson Tisi.
  2. The new album of Frente Cumbiero and Minyo Crusaders. Minyo Cumbiero: From Tokyo to Bogota
  3. Visual poetry by Erica Baum: The melody indicator.

July 21

  1. One song. Pais nublado, from Helado Negro.
  2. One article. Nina Simone on Time from brainpicker
  3. A video about gardens

July 26

  1. This cumbia playlist, for a chill and happy mood
  2. "La inconsistencia de lo visible" by Nicolas Lamas. A peruvian contemporary artist.
  3. The graphic design work of Okuyama Taiki.

July 19

  1. This Magritte painting
  2. A video of mountains, waves and the sea (1:39) From Morgan Maseen
  3. Two paragraphs and the beautiful images on the Tristan Tzara house designed by Adolf Loos