My Coffee life

This is a note about the new portafilter for my Presso Coffemaker.

So I have this coffee maker - Presso, (Rok in its modern iteration).
I really am happy to manage to buy it.
Took four years to find one at the right price from ebay.
When it arrived I tried taking the metal basket out from its housing in order to clean it, but it was not willing to come out and stupidly I concluded that there's no need for it to come out. Well I should have tried slightly more forcefully in order to get it out so that it could be cleaned better.
Not having cleaned it for a fear it caused corosion to form inside the portafilter - which houses the metal basket.
Now I bought a new portafilter - with no spout! the coffee comes out directly from the basket to the cup.
It is wierd and my initial try was only really half hearted. Tomorrow I will give it a better effort.

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