A more thoughtful note

This is a more thoughtful note from the previous two.

The meaning of Going For Refuge for a Buddhist

I think it is important to understand that Going For Refuge is a profound inner experience for a person. When a person experiences this, then at that time they are a Buddhist.
It is an experience which is a very important thing to remember.
When you have this experience you naturally experience peace in your mind and life's roar, hassle and bustle

So, this is so nice to share with people - you can experience this wonderful private experience that protects you from so much of the worries, anxieties, stresses and depressions life has to offer.

The meaning of life

This is something one should not shy away from.
There may seem to be no time in your life to think about this subject.
Which brings to mind a different question - what do you have time in your life for?
Which then brings about another question - why is it that you have time for the things you have time for, but not for asking the simple question is there a meaning to life? and if there is a meaning to life what do I think it is? And why do I think that what I think the meaning life has or not is indeed the right answer?

These kind of questions are very worthwhile. They illuminate many things in one's life.
But they also bring about complications.
These kind of thinking are like Pandora's box - once opened you don't know what you're getting!

So be careful!

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