Comic Book Characters Reflecting My Personality

  • The Wolverine- loner, drinker, smoker, anger issues, no family of his own, defiant, government guinea pig, Adamantium skeleton, believes in justice (his own), able to heal regeneratively if injured (even critically). Will act out of altruism and put himself in harms way. 

  • The Batman- No superpowers, high deductive reasoning with unlimited funds to use prototype technologies in battle with impeccable combat skills but must temper his anger for justice.

  • Moon Knight- June’s choice. Defeated The Avengers. Olympic level athlete, Accepts high levels of pain, injury, and torture, relies on adaptability, uses environment to his advantage, intimidation, expert detective, resurrected multiple times, works with NYPD to solve cases. Silver weapons to execute vampires.

DID (Multiple Personalities):

• Marc Spectre- Epic driver, can man a helicopter, U.S. Marine, mercenary, expert at hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, kung fu, eskrima, judo, karate, ninjutsu, savate, and Muy Thai.

• Taskmaster- villain and mercenary.

• Jack Lockley- street level narc.

• Steven Grant- rich and influential. 

  • The Joker- (June disputes me inferring any semblance. That The Joker should not be on this list). Chaos and wants to create unstableness in others. No remorse. Insanity. No reason behind behavior. No logic beyond desiring to incite violence.

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