doing something you value versus doing something others value

imagine two worlds

world 1

  • you do things because you feel theyre valuable
  • you spend your life doing things that matter to you

world 2

  • you do things that others feel are valuable (because they give you an imaginary number in return)
  • you spend that number making others do things that you feel are valuable
  • you spend your whole life doing things that dont matter to you—and making others do things for you that dont matter to them
  • some people accumulate (in tall stacks) the imaginary number and never spend it on anyone—while most people have so little of the number that they cannot live

(there is overlap between these two worlds to the degree that people getting paid are also doing something they value—but consider that often in world 2 people are not doing what they value—and in world 2 peoples work is not specifically defined to be something they value)

so—which world do you want to live in ??

we know what economy emerges from the rules of world 2 (were living it) what economy would emerge from the rules of world 1 ??

(i dont know—but dont you want to try ??)

see (to me) the only reason you should ever do something is because you want to—any other reason and you subvert your values and end up self-sabotaging (either that or its slavery)

you start out with inklings—then you get a desire—about what you want to do in your life

you do what you want to do and thats how you become able to do—i want my economy full of people who are amazingly good at doing what they love—and doing it !! (not like the economy in the world 2 i am currently experiencing)

what follows are rules for an economy

this isnt a legal system or an educational system—its an economic system—a system that describes the wealth of a people (intellectual physical emotional—anything we value)

societys rules should be very few and very short (nothing like our many many laws !!) everyone should know all the rules and be able to remember them easily

here they are

  • do what you love (what has value for you)
  • do your best (you always are)
  • give it for free (give your all—hold nothing back)
  • tolerate others for doing these four things (you dont have to like them—you have to tolerate them)

the above economic system is defined without money or numbers of any kind—no buying or selling—no trading (only giving) no taxes records or identity information—and because it doesnt mention those things means that they dont exist in systems of this type

(doing things you love for free (not accepting money) is they key for individuals to unravel the world 2 economy into a world 1 economy—this is something everyone can do (without anyones permission) that will naturally unravel economy 2)

tolerance is a rule for this system—you have to tolerate people doing what they think is valuable—tolerate them doing their best—you have to tolerate them doing it for free—and you have to tolerate them tolerating others

i cant read the future—i havent simulated or otherwise studied these models

i am saying that inherently i like the setup of world 1 better than world 2 and i am endeavoring to live (and love) by its rules

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