i am a piece of meat

i am feet

(that flop around)

i am a heart

(that beats)

67 times per minute

i am a head

(that thinks crazy thoughts)

about how things are

and how they could be

i am a jellyfish of emotion

one minute sad—one minute ecstatic—one minute bored—one minute scared—one minute capable—one minute useless—one minute lonely and one minute in love

i am fleeting intention

that rushes me into action

and then is left behind

as my interest goes to something else

i am all these things

(right now)

but things fall apart

like in fight club (this is your life—and its ending one minute at a time)

my mechanisms are failing

i am rocking it with a broken body (we all are)


making small moves

doing it right (top gun style)

accepting—rejecting (possible futures)

were cutting through phase space

searching for the best lives

we could possibly live

piloting these meat puppets—or maybe were just here for the show (watching—with no control) here to view this world unfold

to learn from it ??

to enjoy it ??

to be raked over the coals ??

whatever it is

im just a piece of meat

rocking around here


bumping into you

all of you







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