Day 8

i fell off the streak yesterday. blame it on the sex. it's the something that keeps me motivated and going. it's also a good source for material. and this is what we find surprising. not that our sex life is amazing, but that sex is incredibly taboo in american culture. sex is shown it everywhere, but an honest discussion is hard to come by (pun intended). i never really received any advice, useful information, or helpful tips from my immediate circle of family or friends. most came from the internet and strangers over that internet.

what a beautiful thing, because this kind of information wasn't available freely in any time since human beings began recording their 'history'.
thanks to the internet, i learned about the female anatomy, and how to experiment. i learned how others tried and failed to have great sexual experiences. all through the comfort of my computer. i read as much as i could, and then tried to apply what i learned like a good sexual scientist.

things that worked i made notes of, and things that didn't i ignored, or tried again in a different context, or with a different girl.
but through all this, i noticed a familiar pattern. it seemed like all of the girls i was with dated the same guys, or maybe the same guy.
because they all mentioned how unsatisfied they were with ex-boyfriends or past lovers.

this boggled my mind because little did they know how insecure i was in my own sexual being and practice. but i was willing and eager to learn so i could please them to the best of my abilities. maybe it was them just playing up to my own ego. but each one always seemed shocked when they were able to cum when they were with me. and by looking at the current landscape of sexual 'wellness', it seems a majority of women haven't had a satisfactory sexual experience unless it's been alone during self-play. and even then, it seems some women still can't orgasm!

i've never heard of a dude who can't come. the common trope around women is actually a dude who comes too fast and can't last. so it has been with my current girl as well. apparently she didn't know she possesed a high sex drive, nor did she know she could come from oral and vaginal sex.

this bothers me because it makes me think that there are actual women out there who think they are incapable of having a fun and enjoyable sexual experience with men, and because they are with men, or tolerate such men, they think normal sexual relationships are ones where the guy comes and that's it. that. is. incredibly. sad.

where's the honest communication? why aren't women taking ownership over their own sexual experiences and enjoying it? because if i wasn't enjoying my sex life, i wouldn't start calling women trash or blaming them for my lack of enjoyment. i would start addressing whatever is keeping me from pleasure.

anyways this is now a rant. have fun, and have sex. be in relationships where the human being respects you and trusts you. the sex is much better anyways when your emotional, psychological, and physical energies are working synergestically to push and pull that sexual attraction.

call it next dimensional orgasms, the cosmic kind that stimulate and tillate your mind and body ;)

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