#100days challenge #ARTisARTificial

Day 8

i fell off the streak yesterday. blame it on the sex. it's the something that keeps me motivated and going. it's also a good source for material. and this is what we find surprising. not that our sex life is amazing, but that sex is incredibly taboo in american culture. sex is shown it everywhere, but an honest discussion is hard to come by (pun intended). i never really received any advice, useful information, or helpful tips from my immediate circle of family or friends. most came from the int...
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Day 7

there's multiple realities living within me, i close my eyes and there's another 'I' i see, breathing and thinking just like me, but they're just simulated possibilities, somethitg like virtual reality, but something tells me there's a lesson for me, hidden between the mouth that speaks, and the brain that eats, and ears that listen on their own, kinda like your phone, recording everything that you do, leaving bits and pieces of your life like clues revealing tidbits of what you do, so start the...
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Day 6

i keep thinking this just feels weird. as if i am not myself. but i am myself. i am always myself. there is no other self i can be. i can try and adopt some behaviors of others, or to integrate certain values i appreciate in other people into my own life, but i am always going to be myself. and it is my self, and only myself that can change. just started reading the five second rule by mel robbins. i have no idea who see is or what she does, and frankly, i don't really look at 'accomplishments,...
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Day 5

day five. almost forgot about you. but here i am. you'll be shorter than the days before. today we went to our first open mic night at our favorite coffee shop. it was alot of fun. one of my coworkers told me about it last week, and i've been bringing it up everytime i've seen her. and today i came through, and she came through and got up on stage to let her poetry out. i've done readings of my work before, and i still get nervous, but i'm able to focus and deliver. i can always get better. and ...
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Day 4

so last night i began to drift off into sleep as i was finishing up my day 3 blog post. so i forgot to post it, but i did finish it. so i'm counting it towards my streak. now it's day four and more. work was weird today. had more than a handful of customers be rude and condescending. i've dealt with many people like that in my past, but today struck me odd because it's the first time i've encountered this many people where i made a mental note of it. maybe it's the cold weather wave that's been ...
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Day 3

going on the 72th hour, that's seven two hours since the start of this challenge. challenge. what a word. challenges are expectations. expectations that are not being met to our, well, expectations lol. like you all, i have my fair share. and they come in the ways of a woman. it's the first time since my young days of being married that i've made this kind of commitment to someone. the commitment to stick through and weather the emotional ups and downs with a partner. some of the girls from my ...
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Day 2

you can call this day two but i'm going call it just day few. there's only so many hours in a day that whenever i begin to contemplate the moments i get lost in all the unnecessary details. what really matters? really. we human beings are an interesting species. and i'm no different, though i find myself rather boring, i find other people fascinating. mostly because i always try to find out what experiences, and their interpretations, led them to those moments where we interact and exchange ener...
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Day 1

every day is day one. every day is a beginning. and this always feels like a beginning of sorts, whether it's in my writing, in my speaking, in my lifting, in my everything. especially with her. i treat her like it's the first day of everything. i don't want to get complacent. i don't want to get comfortable getting by on getting comfortable. there's a skill to this. and it involves simply letting the fingers do the work. they already know what to type before i even speak it, or voice it in my o...
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