Day 6

i keep thinking this just feels weird. as if i am not myself. but i am myself. i am always myself. there is no other self i can be. i can try and adopt some behaviors of others, or to integrate certain values i appreciate in other people into my own life, but i am always going to be myself. and it is my self, and only myself that can change.

just started reading the five second rule by mel robbins. i have no idea who see is or what she does, and frankly, i don't really look at 'accomplishments, titles, or social status' as markers of wisdom. most of the time, i read whatever fascinates me. and today's fascination is this book.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...go.
apparently that is all it takes to escape the current version of ourselves into the 'greater' version of ourselves. one is filled with doubt, worry, anxiety and lack of confidence and the other is the opposite of that.

i'm going to be trying this rule out, reading the book, in my everyday life decisions. i'll keep a report of where i used the rule in these 100 days posts, and by the end of this challenge, hopefully i'll have a somewhat objective scientific sorta kinda measurement of what has changed. let's do this. day six is now over. on the seventh day the lord rested from his creation, and on the seventh day i will continue writing.

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