Day 5

day five. almost forgot about you. but here i am. you'll be shorter than the days before. today we went to our first open mic night at our favorite coffee shop. it was alot of fun. one of my coworkers told me about it last week, and i've been bringing it up everytime i've seen her. and today i came through, and she came through and got up on stage to let her poetry out. i've done readings of my work before, and i still get nervous, but i'm able to focus and deliver. i can always get better. and my girl and i have already brainstormed ideas for other performance art, maybe a poetry duet of sorts.

i noticed that most of the writing was amateur, like mine lol. and most of the participants talked about how they've never done this before, and the recurring theme subject of their poetry was depression. it was a beautiful experience because essentially, if i keep going at this, i'll witness the progression of each one's abilities in performance and writing. and that excites me! i love watching people face their anxieties, own the space and get better and confident in themselves. it's amazing to witness. and i'm honored to be a part of this small community. my girl and i are going to video log the next event, and in the meantime we'll keep working on our writings, and i'll be working on my stage presence, voice, and performance poetry. i want to be damn good on stage, and i know it'll translate off. plus it's so fun to work with her like this creatively, especially since she's been inspired to work on her side projects. we want to keep this momentum going, share, get feedback, and get back to working to improve and have fun living our lives, and building community around us.

day five is nice. day six we're going to do our first escape room. live is good. :)

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