Psalm 17

David prays for God to deliver him from the wicked. He prayed for deliverance from wicked people who wanted to destroy him. We pray for deliverance from the wickedness of our world.

David’s plea for God to hear his prayer was founded not only on the mercy and grace of God but also on his own obedience to God (v.1-5). He was sure God would hear him and help him because of the direction of his heart. Such is the blessing of obedience. It brings great assurance. When my life is full of sin, it causes me to doubt when I pray.

David prayed that God would “keep him as the apple of the eye” (v.8). This is an expression which signifies the pupil. He is saying, “God, protect me the way that someone would instinctively protect their eyes.”

He also prayed that he would be hidden “under the shadow of [His] wings” (v.8). This metaphor is drawn from the imagery of a hen protecting her young under her wings.

This Psalm closes with this eternal hope: “I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness” (v. 15). When this life is over and I awake to life eternal, I will be satisfied when I see Him face to face!

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