Psalm 18

This psalm is one of the most beautiful and poetic in our English language. It is full of promises for the child of God.

In a time of great trouble, David’s recalls who/what his God is. He is a rock (safety & security). He is my fortress (a place of refuge and provision). He is my deliverer (a living protector). He is my buckler (a shield protecting me from danger). He is the horn of my salvation (victorious power to save me). He is my high tower (a safe place to lift me high above life’s dangers).

David calls on God to save him from his enemies. The poetry of God’s coming to help David in verse 7-19 is beautiful and powerful.

David lists the reasons for his confidence in the Lord. It is good for us to remember all that He has done and why He did it. It gives us faith for present and future battles.

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