What the blog

I have had many websites and all sorts of blogs over the many years. I have always started a blog with the best intentions to write, albeit documenting home lab activities or actually writing posts that people could actually read and get something from. I personally have failed at blogging for something like ten years. So when I decided it was time to try it again, I thought it might be good to find an actual platform that takes all the pain of blogging away.

I have tried it all, WordPress, Ghost, DjangoCMS the list goes on and on. But I recently stumbled across Standard Notes. Which immediately appealed to me as I was looking for something to replace, OneNote and Evernote (I use(d) both) and I needed one place for all my notes and other interesting things that come from my brain to the keyboard.

What was interesting was that Standard Notes, being cloud hosted or self hosted. I still went for the cloud hosting option. Me being me and the specific computer industry I work in, Cyber Security, I always try to self host where possible. But in this instance Standard Notes was completely encrypted by my own keys, it made sense that I simply pay them to look after all the infrastructure for me, and let me, well, take notes.

While I want to give a full review of Standard Notes and the Standard Notes Extended functionality, I will leave this for now. But what drew me to this application even more if their Blogging/Writing platform, Listed. Listed is simply that, a free writing platform that allows people like me, to simply write and then publish. Now "WordPress does that too" yes I know but I would need to find somewhere to host it and then, while I love WordPress, it is just too much for me to maintain and there are to many bells and whistles. I just need a Writing platform.

So I moved the domain over (Extended subscription customers get a custom domain) and started fresh, just in time for 2020.

Lets see where this takes me!