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Life on Arran
Trail running notes on Arran plus a few other things
Jerry Texas
Lover of Coke Zero
Graeme Voigt
Designer, Illustrator & traveler. Sharing interesting things.
William(s)ⁿ ✍️
Me gusta leer, imaginar, pensar y escribir, y soy libre de hacerlo. Este es mi espacio asocial de escritos de temáticas tipo batiburrillo.
Jim Davis
Christ follower :: Husband :: Father
Catch and Release
My name is Stefan and this is my personal blog. I'm interested in almost everything so the topics will vary.
Always watching, always learning.
Martin Vician
Linux geek, open-source enthusiast and system administrator.
Darryl Mitchell
Lead Engineer @ NeoCloud working in cloud-based messaging and datacenter design/implementation
Dan Hill
Writer/Editor of comics, not always in that order.
GNU/Linux and FOSS enthusiast, information security professional, DevOps engineer, PC gamer
My online name is Sapphire. I program and I post my rambles here. Working on learning JS so I can develop jaw dropping and earth shattering (figuratively) extensions.
Mo Bitar
Notes to self. Working on Standard Notes, a simple and private notes app.
Updates and announcements to your favorite author-reader blogging platform.
Standard Notes
Notes on privacy, simplicity, and sustainable development.