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Social Technologist. Cyborg. Digital Research. Cyber-Urbanism, Social Analytics. Data Science. Web Technologies. Atheist. Geek. Football. SFC.
Archer T. Ships
Live long, live free, live well.
Jing Xing #100Days
A Linguistics Student, A Man who Loves Motherland
100 suns
A machine made of wood, metal, paint, bone and magic
Short story writer, aspiring game designer, bad chess player.
Linux user, chess player, Knights of Columbus, retired. Texan. Friend of Israel. Half my heart is in the Philippines. #MAGA
Nicholas Sabin
Privacy. Philosophy. Pmusic. PGP: a626c77211c5718959f4c9b06c8c41c7aa1b13f9
Developing SapphirePack and showing you that good things take time.
Outputs – digital technology journal
🇬🇧 Digital technology, decentralisation and other topics | 🇨🇿 Digitální technologie, decentralizace a další témata
manuel vidov, notas.
"verdad no es más que el compendio de lo que creemos que ha sucedido, sucede, y sucederá": vendedor ambulante, bogotá.
Behavior or Behaviour?
Alex Turner
Writing about learning Python and the odd bit of Linux related stuff I come across and find helpful. A bit about cycling. Long distance audax. The odd comment on unrelated ideas that I feel benefit from thinking about, writing down and sharing. That kind of thing. Enough is plenty. Good enough will do.
Lane Sawyer🌹
Humanist, vegan, minimalist, programmer, collector of labels.
In Search For Balance
Looking for balance in life, work, and relationships. #1000 days because the first 365 were pretty easy.
Kieran's Blog
Overall swell guy. Also known as m00t.
Samarth's Notes
I am a journalist and a programmer. I share raw thoughts, ideas and experiences on this blog. For occasional updates about my work, sign up here: bansalsamarth.substack.com
Bahasa Si Dabing
Jelajah setiap bit dari bahasa si dabing
The Time Party was formed in order to bring desperately needed reform of the UK political scene, and to offer the people a genuine new choice, free from ping-pong kindergarten politics as practised by all current mainstream parties.
Guru Id's World of Wisdom
Guru. Hierophant. Philosopher. Mystic. Introspector. Sage. Thyme. Tarragon. Allspice. Oldspice. Mark of a man. Or a women. Hang on, I've lost it at some point, where the f**k was I?
Thoughts on philosophy, productivity and software development
Dark mode is the greatest innovation humanity has made
dungeons and dragons and fighting games
notes on things I'm learning
Writing what I think should be read
Virtual Analog
A place to wax nostalgic about signals old and new.
In Praise of Curiosity
"Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it." ~ Mary Oliver
Peter Hunter
Movement was my way out of addiction. Open minded plant lover, BJJ novice, Acro intermediate, advanced rebel spirit.
OxBrook Ministries
Small-group expositional Bible Study in southern New Hampshire. Serious, fundamental, uncompromising.
Zygmunt Krynicki
Free software developer. Huawei, ex-Canonical, ex-Linaro, ex-Samsung. I write in C, Go and Python. I usually do system software. Zyga aka Zygoon
Integrated Change
Words for the edges of worlds.
Living in the year 9999
All Is Well in the Great Mess
"That which I have said is only like the few leaves in my hand. And that which I have not said is like the dry leaves in this forest."
searching for meaning
Gratitude journal
Sailor when the wind blows. Accountant for the joy of it.
Reflexiones, vivencias y descubrimientos.
Anthony Kennedy
Ex Trader, Investor, Principal of a Palm Beaches-based Family Office. Proficient Operator in Business, Competitive and Private Intelligence.
A programmer who enjoys music, coffee and simplicity.
words by rb
8-bit legal aid lawyer | human rights | vegan | socialist | green | 'preguntando caminamos' | he/him/él | words, photos, music and more
André Hamon
retraité des metiers du livre; pratiquant des arts plastiques et du cyclotourisme
Writing is hard.
Future farmer, sustainability, thoughts, stories, and ideas.
Kieran's Temp Blog
This is my temporary blog while https://m00t.xyz (my main blog) is unavailable.
the overflow of my brain
den 🤟🏻
Venture Partner @ Voyager 🚀, founder/ex-student #VC @ Campus Capital Oxford 🏫, founder @ stealth #startup, idiot @ large 🌏
Maxime Desalle
I read, think, write and code.
College student attempting to wade through life.
Fill Colons
Journalist at boilingsteam.com, Linux geek, pizza delivery driver, lover of red meat
Sermons and other writing.
Level Out
A digital garden; finding chaos in the systems that surround us
Alicia's Notes 🚀
Thankful to be here 🌍
Homme Nouveau
Journal d'un homme qui change. Challenge en cours : ne plus se masturber pendant 30 jours #100Days
The Assembly Line
A discord bot with over 27,300,000 users providing a wide variety of commands, from audio all the way to notifications. More information at https://asphaltbot.com
Mo Bitar
Notes to self. Working on Standard Notes, an end-to-end encrypted notes app.
Designer, Illustrator & traveler. Sharing interesting things.
Jay's Journal
Always watching, always learning.
Updates and announcements to your favorite author-reader blogging platform. Take the #100Days Writing Challenge!