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Listed is a free blogging platform that allows you to create a public journal published directly from your notes. This unique approach to keeping a public blog on the internet using just a notes app yields two surprising effects:

  1. You discover a better form of your writing. You worry less about how others will perceive your words, and more about feeling fulfilled that you shared your experience in its truest form. Honest writing, in our experience, is better writing.
  2. The privacy of writing in the Standard Notes app combined with the ease of publishing on Listed encourages free flow and expansion of thought. You’ll probably publish on Listed more than you do any other platform. It’s not uncommon that Listed authors publish a new journal entry to their blog every day.

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The less you know about me the more I reveal. #100days
Ishan Das Sharma
17 | Philosophy, Prose and Code | Exploring the uncharted waters, living life on the offbeat path.
Aleksander Antoszek
Codzienne myśli mojego autorstwa. Podziel się tym, co sądzisz: contact@antoszek.blog
Graeme Voigt
Designer, Illustrator & traveler. Sharing interesting things.
Ian Forrester
Senior Firestarter at @BBCRD, ex @bbcbackstage, emergent tech expert, social geek, community wrangler & interested in the future of storytelling in new mediums
A Leader Reads [#100Days]
Join me as I attempt to focus a leadership lens on some of the largest fantasy series.
Daily Drink #100Days
I'm a professional designer and make online content on the side. I post what's on my mind so things can get crazy.
Kat #100Days
A largely themeless collection of what I'm thinking about.
hi, my name is alisa. i'm a transgender girl trying to figure my life out. this blog contains explicit content, including explicit language, descriptions of depression, and my deepest secrets. reader discretion is heavily advised.
Jay's Journal #100days
Always watching, always learning.
Marcílio Nascimento
Educador Financeiro e empreendedor. Acredito que liberdade financeira começa com educação financeira. Starting #100Days writing challenge...see you in the future ;)
Musings on transformation and growth.
Give me a few months to figure this out? #100Days
Edvinas Urbasius
Front-end developer. Interested in IT, history and economics. The life-long learner.
I endeavor to live in the moment. In the meantime, here is a sum total of all yesterdays and tomorrows.
mllocs's notebook
Music, books, vids, pics and stuff.
Knowledge management tips. Software recommendations. Miscellaneous thoughts.
Quiet Perspective
Written by Chris Powell. Technologist. Minimalist. ISFJ.
A discord bot with over 372,000 users providing a wide variety of commands, from audio all the way to notifications. More information at https://asphaltbot.com
Scrambled thoughts. Scratchy writing. Sloppy perfection.
Life on Arran
Notes from my daily piano practice
Thoughts on Human Oriented Programming and Design
Updates and announcements to your favorite author-reader blogging platform. Take the #100Days Writing Challenge!
What on Earth
Sharing the wonderful wide world of Wikipedia.
R. Grove
Anathema Maranatha
Thoughts in Motion
This is Mauro's personal blog. Motion designer, guitarist, overall nerd.
1 <= N <= 42
Framing Life
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
✪ Jerome Paulos
I am a student, photographer, and tech lover in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Interested about information, disinformation, intelligence, strategy, sharing, communication, security and privacy and their impact on organisations.
Medical Student in an unknown location | Aspiring to not only have knowledge but to use it
Roth Christian
Ich bin der erste Tourist, der die Scherbenwelt bereist. Begleitet werde ich von Tasche, eine Kuriertasche mit unzähligen kleinen Beinchen und großen Appetit.
sudo rm - rf
Retired soldier, privacy advocate, Linux geek,HIPAA and infosec ArchLabsLinux team member.
王肉 Иван Мясов
Что помыслил Иван своей мясистою головою
Writing Overload
Cyber Security Analyst, researcher & gamer. Finds interesting stuff.
We're all hedonists at heart. What's your pleasure?
I'm a coder, a Linux sysadmin, soon to be security certified and explorer of new technologies
Mo Bitar
Notes to self. Working on Standard Notes, a simple and private notes app.
Standard Notes
Notes on privacy, simplicity, and sustainable development.
Catch and Release
My name is Stefan and this is my personal blog. I'm interested in almost everything so the topics will vary.