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Erlebnisse aus dem Alltag oder nur ein kleines Tagebuch ...
In Search For Balance
Looking for balance in life, work, and relationships. #1000 days because the first 365 were pretty easy.
I, the physically and/or morally hideous human inhabitant, love to read, play bass and day dream far, far to much...
100 suns
A machine made of wood, metal, paint, bone and magic
Anthony Kennedy
Ex Trader, Investor, Principal of a Palm Beaches-based Family Office. Proficient Operator in Business, Competitive and Private Intelligence.
Tim Apple
Javascript, Rust, and Ruby.. Geek, Windows User, and all around nice fellow.
Alicia's Notes 🚀
Thankful to be here 🌍
Lane Sawyer🌹
Humanist, vegan, minimalist, programmer, collector of labels.
notes on things I'm learning
eloped with dev
Notas personales, reflexiones y esas cosas.
IT guy with an interest in security, privacy, OSINT, dreams, and coffee.
manuel vidov, notas.
"verdad no es más que el compendio de lo que creemos que ha sucedido, sucede, y sucederá": vendedor ambulante, bogotá.
Cultura digitale, pensiero critico, natura, riflessioni.
Jeremy Petersen
Cybersecurity student holed up in NYC during the pandemic. Stubborn hobbyist. Chromebook enthusiast. Quintessential middle child. Privacy nerd. Sole admin of a very DIY public hotspot.
A discord bot with over 757,000 users providing a wide variety of commands, from audio all the way to notifications. More information at https://asphaltbot.com
dungeons and dragons and fighting games
i have been and forever shall be ... digilord (Since 1994)
Blog über Privatsphäre für jedermann und die digitale Selbstverteidigung im Zeitalter von Amazon, Facebook & Google.
OxBrook Ministries
Small-group expositional Bible Study in southern New Hampshire. Serious, fundamental, uncompromising.
100 ficciones y prosas, ideadas y escritas por Héctor Delgado.
Frater Perdurabo
Diario de sueños
From Coal to the Cloud
My place to write: About growing up in Utah, technology, coal, being a human, a parent, and a friend.
FiveYellowMice 的短文章
对于博文来说太短,对于推文来说太长的内容。CC-BY-SA 4.0。主博客: https://fiveyellowmice.com
pésima ortografía. [ENG-ESP] #100days
A Lazy Dude.
Joe Rodgers
True believer and hodler of last resort.
Tiago Rodrigues
Random thought experiments on reality and unreality.
Jorge André Gonçalves
Site Reliability Engineer with a passion in infosec
Hi! This is my blog. I'm glad you found it! :) From the keto diet to Ethereum, from Buddha to Seth Godin, from Satya Nadella to Dale Carnegie, you will find everything here. There is no clear publishing schedule, and I'm simply writing here to clarify my thoughts. What are you waiting for? Start reading!
Murat Sultanov
Math & Programmer student
Mojo's Dojo // 100 days 🍡
Writing to learn, learning to write. With practice comes clarity of purpose. #100days
She Means Progress
I talk about minimalism, personal finance and my hobbies.
Folkelobbyen er en uavhengig pressgruppe som vil påvirke norsk miljø- og klimapolitikk. Vi bringer lobbykraft til folket! Bli med på folkelobbyen.no
Simple italian words
aveganly | Veganer Lifestyle Blog
Hallo wir sind aVeganly und unsere Leidenschaft sind vegane Speisen aus aller Welt. Durch unsere Verbundenheit zu Brasilien und der Türkei möchten wir euch einige Rezepte aus diesen Essenskulturen näher bringen. Besonders wichtig ist es uns leichte, schnelle und besonders leckere Rezepte zu präsentieren.Hier wird der vegane Lebensstil Schritt für Schritt mit Tipps und Rezepten näher gebracht. Vorspeise, Frühstück, Abendessen, Backen und Nachtische.
All Is Well in the Great Mess
"That which I have said is only like the few leaves in my hand. And that which I have not said is like the dry leaves in this forest."
Too old to Rock'n'roll, to young to die.
Mattia Gheda - ghedamat
Software Engineer, Ember hacker, Ruby lover, NixOS user.
Pegeen's Blog
I am working on a teacher training. I also have diverse interests, including feminist projects, and like pursing many hobbies.
Roadbook Café | Roadbook Coffee Bar
Sur la route à moto avec un café, un livre, #Spotify et un appareil photo | On the road on a motorbike with a coffee, a book, #Spotify and a camera
Designer, Illustrator & traveler. Sharing interesting things.
Mo Bitar
Notes to self. Working on Standard Notes, an end-to-end encrypted notes app.
Jay's Journal
Always watching, always learning.
88 keys per hour
My notes from learning the piano
Updates and announcements to your favorite author-reader blogging platform. Take the #100Days Writing Challenge!