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I write about philosophy, the art of decision-making, tech, mental hacks, privacy, futurism, art/music, bitcoin and stuff like that.
notes on things I'm learning
Memory Repository 🧠
#100Days Pharmacy Student 💊 | Productivity | Studying | PKM | Life
Not a professional but I play one on TV. #privacy #infosec #random #fun
A furry, developer, encryption, operating system and everything else
In Search For Balance
Looking for balance in life, work, and relationships. #1000 days because the first 365 were pretty easy.
Social Technologist. Cyborg. Digital Research. Cyber-Urbanism, Social Analytics. Data Science. Web Technologies. Atheist. Geek. Football. SFC.
MaudMan's Musings
Techy, Minimalist, Business Owner, Writer | #100Days
Kieran's Blog
Overall swell guy. Also known as m00t.
As I said the other day...
PR hack, dog walker, nature lover, dharma student, community builder. I live in a small village in a small country on the edge of a big ocean.
Writing is hard.
Short story writer, aspiring game designer, bad chess player.
Folkelobbyen er en uavhengig pressgruppe som vil påvirke norsk miljø- og klimapolitikk. Vi bringer lobbykraft til folket! Bli med på folkelobbyen.no
Fire in the Mouth
Confessional Presbyterian ♠️ Reader of Ryle
Student of Vietnamese Studies, blogger, and subeditor for a newspaper as well as some academic publications. Loves tech stuff, free thinking, and games.
Mark Waters
Ride. Walk. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
As histórias da História da Sétima Arte
College student attempting to wade through life.
Reflexiones, vivencias y descubrimientos.
Linux user, chess player, Knights of Columbus, retired. Texan. Friend of Israel. Half my heart is in the Philippines. #MAGA
Sermons and other writing.
love • wisdom • power
Teymour Aldridge
Working notes from a pretend software artisan.
Hi there I have a blog hiihihihihi
Fill Colons
Journalist at boilingsteam.com, Linux geek, pizza delivery driver, lover of red meat
Archer T. Ships
Live long, live free, live well.
LUUS andriessen
HIP HIP HOORAY! I've finished the #100Days writing challenge.
Yash Srivastava
Musings about life and technology
Mo Bitar
Notes to self. Working on Standard Notes, an end-to-end encrypted notes app.
Turning the mind inward
Currently an IT consultant and Zen practitioner. Formerly a professional musician and music teacher. Figuring out what will come next.
What even is a bio?
Samarth's Notes
I am a journalist and a programmer. I share raw thoughts, ideas and experiences on this blog. For occasional updates about my work, sign up here: bansalsamarth.substack.com
Bahasa Si Dabing
Jelajah setiap bit dari bahasa si dabing
They would take their software out and race it in the black desert of the electronic night
More Than Gold
[Tip: This page looks better on mobile.] "Perhaps gold was not the best companion." More Than Gold is a simple story of a dragon, a girl, and three crystals. This story isn't serious writing practice, mostly just a game for a few writerly friends to play together. Enjoy!
Also Known As Root Net
Minimalism. Philosophy. Technology.
Alicia's Notes 🚀
Thankful to be here 🌍
Alex Turner
Writing about learning Python and the odd bit of Linux related stuff I come across and find helpful. A bit about cycling. Long distance audax. The odd comment on unrelated ideas that I feel benefit from thinking about, writing down and sharing. That kind of thing. Enough is plenty. Good enough will do.
Inspiration, thoughts and views. A common uncommon interaction with the commune. A none facial collection of texts among other blades of grass. A walk on the earth with earthly and unearthly experiences. Join me on the journey and share your exeriences with your fellow humanimals.
bnch - fictional universe happening on a bench. Sunday Upload
I enjoy trying to make the word have less suffering. If you want to chat, you can email me at mummeringmoo@tutanota.com
Is there any platform where we won't pervade?
manuel vidov, notas.
"verdad no es más que el compendio de lo que creemos que ha sucedido, sucede, y sucederá": vendedor ambulante, bogotá.
Luke Miller
microblog, digital commonplace book, autobiography with digressions
Outputs – digital technology journal
🇨🇿 Digitální technologie, decentralizace webu a další témata | 🇬🇧 Digital technology, web decentralisation and other topics
Behavior or Behaviour?
Just a curious programmer.
All Is Well in the Great Mess
"That which I have said is only like the few leaves in my hand. And that which I have not said is like the dry leaves in this forest."
100 suns
A machine made of wood, metal, paint, bone and magic
From Coal to the Cloud
My place to write: About growing up in Utah, technology, coal, being a human, a parent, and a friend.
Palavras que percorrem o tempo!
My other blog is an e-mail ⬇️ Londoner. Vegetarian. Triathlete. Lifelong learner.
OxBrook Ministries
Small-group expositional Bible Study in southern New Hampshire. Serious, fundamental, uncompromising.
Designer, Illustrator & traveler. Sharing interesting things.
Jay's Journal
Always watching, always learning.
Updates and announcements to your favorite author-reader blogging platform. Take the #100Days Writing Challenge!