The good news is God will always find you, motherfucker.
The bad news is God will always find you, motherfucker.
But the good news is that God will always find you.
You can't outrun your own shadow, you think you can outrun God?
And where will you hide? Where is it not God?
God will find you, motherfucker.


One sentence a day, that's all it takes.
I'm fucking restless.
Man, who moved my fucken cheese?
Delta variant now
I'm tired of this shit
And I'm one of the lucky ones
I don't have to risk my health for my job
I can comfortably pay the bills

I'm restless,
I need to write
I just need to accept that I need to write

God is not your Bitch

God is not your fucken bitch
God is not Santa
God is not here to make your life easier
God is not here to clean up your mess
God is not here to make it right when you fuck up
Not to say that God would never make it right when you fuck up
God knows we're a fucked up species
We barely know left from right
He fucken knows
But, just because from time to time God has come down to clean up our shitshow, it doesn't mean that God is your bitch
Stop praying that He does your fucking job
Stop asking for Her to crush your enemies
Your enemies are Her offspring too
You fucking moron
You're not a baby, why would God treat you like one?
God already does 99% of your work
Can't you just fucking show up for that. One. Fucking. Percent?
God is here to set you fucking straight, motherfucker
We're grown ups
Only grown ups fuck the environment at a record pace
Only grown ups find a way to kill as many as possible in as little time as possible
We fuck Her creation up and then we're like, "Do my laundry... please?"
No, fuck you, God is not your bitch
You refused to take the vaccine thinking "God is my bitch, He'll never let me down, because that's the one thing God has to do all day long--to protect me like I'm 2 months old"
Millions have died, motherfucker
No one is more God's son or more God's daughter than the rest of us
God already sent you to the richest country in the world, where scientists, nurses, and taxpayers have made it possible for you to be protected against the virus
But no, you want fucken magic
God has to protect you in THE ONE FUCKING WAY YOU WANT, motherfucker
Because you're too lazy or stupid to learn the facts
No, God is not your bitch
"I love God"
Oh, really, is that why you treat God like your bitch?


It's easy to forget, but here for the light, people.

One Hundred Days

Tengo sueño. Me voy a dormir.

One Hundred Days, starting over

For more than five decades, the Republican party has pursued a political and economic agenda that only benefits the top 0.1% of the U.S. population. Obviously, the votes from those people are not enough to win any election. To remedy that, the GOP has waged an ideological and cultural against "liberals" to rile their base and to motivate voters. Don't believe it? What was the Republican platform in the last election? Right, there was no platform.

However, the cultural and ideological gravity center of this country has been changing (just like it has happened it every civilization in human history). Abortion and bigotry against minorities don't have the same appeal as they did forty years ago. While the beliefs of some segment of the population have radicalized—meaning that they believe more than ever that gays, lesbians, racial equality and abortions run counter American ideals—the number of people who don't have a negative view of the GOP's pet monsters is growing. This is not a surprise. This is a trend as old as the GOP's Southern strategy.

So why has the GOP insisted in waging a war that it was going to lose in the long term? Because the farthest into the future your typical politician can afford to think about is the next election.

But the day of reckoning is closer than ever. This became obvious after Obama won his first election, and it set off the alarms in the GOP's national committee when Obama won reelection.

Now the GOP is in an untenable position in a democracy. If they switch their current agenda to an agenda that actually benefits their voters, they'll lose the support of the super rich and powerful. If they keep relying on the votes of bigots and white supremacists, they'll win elections less and less frequently.

The only viable way for the GOP to survive is to rig elections by suppressing votes, by gerrymandering districts, and by empowering members of the electoral college to vote Republican, regardless of the outcome of democratic elections. The January 6th insurrection was the signal that unequivocally stated that the GOP no longer believes in democracy. This signal was obvious to the people that needed to hear it. It was a signal that triggered more than a hundred bills in state assemblies around the country that restrict voting rights of minorities (the others). This signal said: if you are for a totalitarian regime headed by a Republican, you're are not alone.

Sure, people are going to jail. But the instigators are not only free. They kept their jobs as representatives of the people. The United State's democracy is in grave danger and will be for the foreseeable future.

Men, like Trump, come and go. There is a long line of white men waiting to emerge as the next Trump when the time is right. The danger is the GOP itself. It's a threat that will last for decades. It has to be fought, tooth and nail, just like climate change.

OSaD, D111

The Devil is never too busy for any of us.

On the other hand, neither is God.

If you think She is, fire your priest and find a real spiritual path.

OSaD, D110

What people on the left in the U.S. don't see or don't want to see is that the corruption in American politics runs deep, way deeper than Trump and his cronies. Trump will be forgotten, but the extremism will continue. The far-right is abandoning democracy, decency and every value that has built the civilization that today we enjoy. We need to wake up right now (as of yesterday, really) and pass a voting rights bill, expand the Supreme Court and institute other similar measures before it's too late. Once totalitarians come in power, getting them out becomes 1,000 more difficult. Let's be smart and peaceful but decisive. Nobody seems to be aware of the consequences or even of the darkness that is engulfing this country. We're dealing with rapist here, I don't know what's so hard to understand. We had the first openly rapist president in the U.S., but we still think things are normal. Shit.

OSaD, D110

I want you to know that there is always hope. Reach out to the suicide prevention hotline if you need to.
By phone: 1-800-273-8255
Or chat: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/chat/

I know it sounds like hell has been going on forever, or that it will be going on forever, but hang in there. There are cracks in everything, and through the cracks light comes in. Just say yes to the light in your chest, to the warmth in your chest. Just for this moment.

OSaD, D110

The battle has already begun, your privilege has not let you seen that. The vulnerable and the oppressed have the honor of being in the front.

OSaD, D109

The Republican Party has chosen to be the party of darkness. They are willing to tear the country apart and do away with democracy in order to remain in power. They don't want to cede an inch of their privilege. Not all of their members are willing to destroy the country, but it takes a lot of courage to speak up against destructive forces. So far, we can count the brave Republicans with the fingers of one hand. I think. I can only think of Liz Cheney. So the GOP today is composed of a rabid third, willing to do anything to keep their power, one third uncomfortable with the direction of the party, but too afraid to say anything (also, what if they get away with it? They want to be on the side of the dictator, if that's what happens to this country), and finally a third that just doesn't give a fuck who is in command, they just tow the line. For the latter, is not how do we build a more prosperous and egalitarian country, it's how do we make the opposing team cry?

OSaD, D108

The right has white supremacist terrorist and fascist politicians. The left, cancel Twitter. Who do you think it's going to win.

Do you ever read the history of the origins of Nazism and wonder why nobody did anything? Well, you may as well look at America today, where the GOP is overtly finding ways of installing a totalitarian regime in this country while the rest of us still think that hatred and lies will fizzle out now that 45 is out of the door.

I fear for the future of this country. America is not exceptional. It can happen here.

OSaD, D107

Pretend Christians are having a hard time accepting the fact that they're losing their status as the most relevant demographics in this country. They're losing their primacy, or so we hope. Equality comes when power is shared equally. This is not about seeing them losing their privilege, it's about sharing privilege. That's what the kids who hoards all the toys will never understand.

True Christians would not be concerned about this.

If you don't believe me try reading, for example, the Sermon of the Mount.

OSaD, D106

The path of spirituality is the most difficult path.

The path of spirituality will destroy you and rebuild you from the ground up.

The path of spirituality takes many lifetimes to complete.

The path of spirituality requires strength of spirit.

The path of spirituality requires unwavering commitment.

The path of spirituality requires firm determination.

The path of spirituality does not require wealth or external beauty.

OSaD, D105

Acceptance of our flaws and doing something about them are not mutually exclusive.

Acceptance of our flaws and shame are not the same thing.

Shame may or may not motivate you to do something about your flaws, but the cost is not worth the benefit.

Don't feel shame about your flaws, we all have them.

Even the worst sinner spends most of her time not sinning (paraphrasing Bhagavan Bhudda).

Present yourself naked in front of God, warts and all.

God loves you.

God loves your enemy.

God regards your enemy in equal standing as you.

You've been chosen by God. God has chosen your enemy, too.

Love your enemy. Love yourself. Love everybody and everything in-between.

OSaD, D104

Don't let your mind fuck shit up. Train it everyday. Like a goddamn dog.