OSaD, D98

To get anything of value, you have to sacrifice something.

OSaD, D97

In the things you love, commit, make a vow.

OSaD, D96

Sickness sometimes weakens my ego. In those days I see the face of God more clearly.

OSaD, D95

Without the Ying or the Yang, the Universe would collapse. God's love is infinite, but God is not your servant.

Black Lives Matter.

OSaD, D94

May you live a blessed day.

OSaD, D93

The ego and Satan have in common that they think that they can be as great as God by just turning their back to God. But deep inside they know that's not true, that the Light immeasurably stronger than them. And so, they live terrified. Every second they spend thinking about God. And that's how the light of God permeates even the darkest recesses of the mind and the Universe.

OSaD, D92

Focus your mind. Don't make any pacts with your mind. Focus your mind.

OSaD, D91b

We've been conditioned to feel shame while recognizing mistakes of the past, but it does not have to be this way. Mistake admission does not require self-flagellation. "I made a mistake, I'll be better next time." End of story.

OSaD, D91

The day you've been waiting for is today and the person you've been waiting for is you. Don't ask for permission or even inspiration. Do the work. Be the change. Trust yourself. Get and stay out of your comfort zone. It's a leap of faith.

OSaD, D90

The love we give our kids and that they don't see. That's tough love. Tough for us and them. God, give the wisdom to give my son the tools to be a healthy human being.

OSaD, D89

The Darkening seduces you. The Darkening overwhelms you. The goal is to make you lose your balance, to make you forget about who you really are. Don't let it happen. Take a few moments right now to breath in deeply, to recenter yourself. Your life is your life.

OSaD, D88

Somos uno.

Realizing this truth is the only way out of this mess we're in.

OSaD, D87

Love yourself, love God.

Love your enemy, love your neighbor, love everybody in-between.

Love your Creator's creation.

OSaD, D86

The forgotten forgotten ones

I was telling my wife that African Americans were the most abused and marginalized group in the United States. I forgot about Native Americans.

OSaD, D85

A mistake that moralists make is to believe that the immoralists are just like them and that one day the immoralists will realize their errors and stop cheating, lying and stealing. False. The immoralists have invested to much time and effort in making habits out of their immoral behaviors to just change one day. Some are incorrigible, the others require tough love and directed attention.