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OSaD, D56

Fighting inferiority and superiority complexes within yourself requires the same tool—developing the discipline to see yourself and everybody else as the manifestation of the Infinite Love of God.

OSaD, D55

Keeping mental equilibrium is your responsibility and yours only. You can ask for help, but ultimately no one else can do it for you. Any external solution will be temporary. There are no easy fixes. Achieving the discipline to control your mind requires 1) the right knowledge, 2) determination and perseverance on your part, and 3) years of practice. Start today my young friend. Every unit of effort will be repaid several times over.

OSaD, D54

Hoy vi una estatua de Trump dorada. Será usada en una conferencia de políticos conservadores. Lejos de parecerme una broma, encuentro aquí una muestra más del alarmante avance de Mammón en nuestra cultura. COVID no es nada en comparación con el virus de la codicia y el materialismo que ha infectado tantas de nuestras mentes.

OSaD, D53

"El corazón tiene razones que la razón nunca entenderá." La Renga.
En este mundo materialista el conocimiento que cada uno lleva en el corazón es peligroso para un sistema que lucra con nuestra ignorancia de nuestra propia naturaleza. Esta sociedad que hemos construido siempre te recordará de tus carencias con el doble resultado de que perderás la confianza en ti mismo (haciéndote más vulnerable al sistema) y consumirás más (tu dinero fortalece al sistema). Salir de esta situación requiere la toda la energía como individuos, primero, y como sociedad después.

OSaD, D52

The writer writes. Fuck validation. If you want to be sure, don't be a writer (this last sentence is a paraphrase from some interesting person whose name I don't remember).

OSaD, D51

Only spiritual knowledge can help us understand the deeper truths of this Universe and God. However, the road to spiritual knowledge must be supported by rationality. Only after spiritual knowledge and devotion have taken root in our hearts can we dispose of rationality. Devotion without rationality leads to madness and conspiracy theories.

OSaD, D50

May my actions today be pleasing to G-O-D.

OSaD, D49

Press ahead, press ahead, press ahead—fearlessly.

OSaD, D48

Devotion is a precious asset in a materialistic world bent destroying it.

OSaD, D47

People in power will fight to stay in power. Expand your definition of power beyond that 3rd grade lesson in which all you learned about was the government. Prepare to fight every inch of power you want from those in power. Expand your definition of fighting beyond physical fights. The real fights today are fought in our minds, not with our bodies.

OSaD, D45

Part of the parks in our city are managed by a recreation district that expands across multiple cities. Some trees in our nearest park were infested by invasive insects. The director of the district decided to cut all the trees down—including healthy ones from species that are not vulnerable to the invasive insects—and to remove most of the vegetation surrounding the area. This disproportionate and destructive response should be a lesson for all of us. Do the people who have power today has the wisdom to steward this world into the future we need for our kids? The perspective of our recent leaders has led us into a path of social and ecological destruction and if we want to correct the course in time to avoid catastrophic consequences we need to be more stringent in how we choose our leaders and how we keep them accountable to our goals.

OSaD, D44

Dogmas weaken our psyches. We now just a bunch of little guys scared of living big lives.

OSaD, D43

Remember to smile.

OSaD, D41

When I was learning how to ski, I went to a hill that only had a Poma lift (also known as a platter lift). It went up the hill right next to a black slope. I was just a beginner and found it very challenging to ride that kind of lift. There was a rough patch of snow and ice more or less halfway up to the top and I stumbled out of the lift on it a few times. I had to ski down the black slope to go back and take the lift again. I tumbled down the mountain each time. It was scary, painful and upsetting—then lunchtime came. I spent twenty minutes complaining to my girlfriend. When we finished lunch she said, "alright, let's go back home, then." I looked at her. I was surprised. I hadn't even considered that as an option. I don't know what overcame me, but I said "no, I'm going up to the top of the hill." Mentally, I came up with a mantra that I repeated obsessively as I was slowly progressing through the line for the Poma lift: "I don't care if it takes me one thousand tries, I'm going to get to the top." Over and over again, I repeated that phrase in my mind.

I reached the summit at the next try.

But that's not even what this story is about. I started skiing in my thirties and most years I didn't really get the chance of skiing more than once per season. I don't know what happened in that diner at the skirts of that hill, but the determination of learning how to ski comfortably was implanted in my mind for almost a decade until I finally made it.

The point is, determinations have more power than we realize. We go on autopilot most of our lives and complain that our lives are not what we want.

OSaD, D42

Use as many tools as you want to combat negativity. Find the proper philosophy and approach. But always remember that ultimately only you can do the job of controlling your mind.