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OSaD, D18

El sol comenzaba a esconderse tras el horizonte. Tras sangrienta batalla, los piratas abordaron la nave. Mataron a toda la tripulación, incluso a los que se arrodillaron ante ellos. Especialmente a quienes se arrodillaron. Little John fue el primero en ver los doblones. Se hincó, venerando al único Dios que conocía, y tomó tantas monedas de oro como pudo. Una puñalada le perforó la espalda y un pulmón. De su boca salieron saliva y sangre mezcladas. Lo último que vio fue su propia sangre pintando las monedas.

OSaD, D17

Que no me empeñe en ser perdonado como en perdonar,
Porque muriendo se llega a la vida eterna.

OSaD, D16

Entities with denser consciousness have a higher degree of autonomy, i.e., free will. Consciousness is present even in rocks, but it's so thin, that they appear insentient to us. They have no free will. Human beings are the entities with the highest degree of autonomy in this planet. However, this is not important at all to the devotee. The devotee aims at at aligning her thoughts and actions with the Will of the Divine.

OSaD, D15

Patience and compassion toward oneself--even in the warrior path.

A crystal goblet\
So fragile and dear\
Needs one step at a time

OSaD, D14

Our propensities, our most pointed desires, pull us away from the spiritual realm and into the world of materialism and unconsciousness. However, suppression runs contrary to the human spirit and indulgence is not helpful either. The goal is to walk the path between these two approaches. For most of our desires, that path is easy to walk. Each one of us has a limited number of very pointed propensities (something to be thankful for). When dealing with those intense desires and compulsions, the path seems to become narrower. The more intense the desire, the harder it seems to control without resorting to outright suppression. Developing our spiritual potential widens that path.

OSaD, D13

Greater in battle than the warriors that conquers one-thousand soldiers in each of one-thousand battles
Is the one who conquers only one: himself

Self-restraint is the Holy Grail
Walking the path between indulgence and suppression
Requires a strong mind
And a strong spirit
The world of touch, sight,
The world of the senses beckons
With a violent strength
Gliding above
Is a feat for developed souls

OSaD, D12

People conned by trump are not necessarily stupid or naive. They simply think they're going to be the ones who Trump does not betray because they are special. So I guess they actually are stupid.


my_dogs = 2


  • cannot start with a number
  • no spaces
  • no symbols
  • lowercase (in general)
  • avoid special meaning in Python
  • no need to declare
  • can change type on the fly (dynamic typing)

type() #function
sirve para verificar el tipo de variable

  • type(my_dogs)

OSaD, D11

Without the strife
Without the struggle
We would've never know
The fight we had in our hearts

OSaD, D10, Spirituality

The material world is obvious. Even more than obvious, it's intrusive, there is no escaping and no denying. Not even animals can escape it--as long as they are alive. The spiritual world, on the other hand, requires intention, work, awareness, concentration, focus--arduous work. From the material world, the spiritual world looks hazy, murky. Our eyes are not accustomed to the warped physics of the spiritual world, how the light is bent, refracted and reflected in the atmosphere that stands between the material and the spiritual world. The material world is undeniable. Modern, current science has established itself in the material world. There is nothing, really, that impedes science's recognition of the spiritual world. In fact, in the future, science will work with the spiritual realm. Meanwhile, science is blind to it, and, almost as a consequence, denies it.

OSaD, D9, Sentence or Poem

I'm expanding the scope of this blog to one sentence or poem a day, including Haiku and Haiku-ish poems.

OSaD, D8, Why?

The only time I question my desire to write is in front of a blank page.

OSaD, D7, I didn't publish my one sentence yesterday

We're always a work in progress--persist.

OSaD, D6, A Clean Mind

"Garbage in, garbage out" applies to minds too.

OSaD, D5, Who cares?

Are you willing to chop wood when nobody's watching or will you surrender to the negative thoughts in your mind?