God is not your Bitch

God is not your fucken bitch
God is not Santa
God is not here to make your life easier
God is not here to clean up your mess
God is not here to make it right when you fuck up
Not to say that God would never make it right when you fuck up
God knows we're a fucked up species
We barely know left from right
He fucken knows
But, just because from time to time God has come down to clean up our shitshow, it doesn't mean that God is your bitch
Stop praying that He does your fucking job
Stop asking for Her to crush your enemies
Your enemies are Her offspring too
You fucking moron
You're not a baby, why would God treat you like one?
God already does 99% of your work
Can't you just fucking show up for that. One. Fucking. Percent?
God is here to set you fucking straight, motherfucker
We're grown ups
Only grown ups fuck the environment at a record pace
Only grown ups find a way to kill as many as possible in as little time as possible
We fuck Her creation up and then we're like, "Do my laundry... please?"
No, fuck you, God is not your bitch
You refused to take the vaccine thinking "God is my bitch, He'll never let me down, because that's the one thing God has to do all day long--to protect me like I'm 2 months old"
Millions have died, motherfucker
No one is more God's son or more God's daughter than the rest of us
God already sent you to the richest country in the world, where scientists, nurses, and taxpayers have made it possible for you to be protected against the virus
But no, you want fucken magic
God has to protect you in THE ONE FUCKING WAY YOU WANT, motherfucker
Because you're too lazy or stupid to learn the facts
No, God is not your bitch
"I love God"
Oh, really, is that why you treat God like your bitch?

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