OSaD, D109

The Republican Party has chosen to be the party of darkness. They are willing to tear the country apart and do away with democracy in order to remain in power. They don't want to cede an inch of their privilege. Not all of their members are willing to destroy the country, but it takes a lot of courage to speak up against destructive forces. So far, we can count the brave Republicans with the fingers of one hand. I think. I can only think of Liz Cheney. So the GOP today is composed of a rabid third, willing to do anything to keep their power, one third uncomfortable with the direction of the party, but too afraid to say anything (also, what if they get away with it? They want to be on the side of the dictator, if that's what happens to this country), and finally a third that just doesn't give a fuck who is in command, they just tow the line. For the latter, is not how do we build a more prosperous and egalitarian country, it's how do we make the opposing team cry?

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