OSaD, D110

What people on the left in the U.S. don't see or don't want to see is that the corruption in American politics runs deep, way deeper than Trump and his cronies. Trump will be forgotten, but the extremism will continue. The far-right is abandoning democracy, decency and every value that has built the civilization that today we enjoy. We need to wake up right now (as of yesterday, really) and pass a voting rights bill, expand the Supreme Court and institute other similar measures before it's too late. Once totalitarians come in power, getting them out becomes 1,000 more difficult. Let's be smart and peaceful but decisive. Nobody seems to be aware of the consequences or even of the darkness that is engulfing this country. We're dealing with rapist here, I don't know what's so hard to understand. We had the first openly rapist president in the U.S., but we still think things are normal. Shit.

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