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Grade 12 Syntax Practice

What do you think about the IB DP I was 16 when I started with the IB DP; however I did not feel ready for the program yet. I started middle school in a public Belgian school, but I changed schools in the middle of my 3rd year and started the IB MYP Diploma. Here I immediately noticed that the educational level was drastically lower compared to my old school, which made me a bit uncomfortable. The next year and a half, I got used to a system that didn't require me to put in a lot off effort; I ...
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How does the writer use the comments of fellow f1 drivers to create a strong feeling of empathy? 100-time GP winner Hamilton insists Norris has ‘many wins ahead’ after McLaren man is denied maiden victory in Russia The article in question appeared after the recent F1 race in Sochi, wherein late drama allowed for Lewis Hamilton to win his 100th grand prix. However, the young and upcoming talent Lando Norris led the entire race just until the last 3 laps. It was the heavy rain at the end of the ...
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2 aspects

2 aspects you liked The play conveys that everyone has completely given up on trying to stay civil, through the use of intensive alcohol abuse. In the text, we notice that Veronique for example is eager to drink rum: Page 45 Veronique tries to snatch the bottle out of his hands. Michel resists. Annette: "What's the matter with you, Michel?!" Michel: "All right, there you are, take it. Drink, drink, who cares." Annette: "Is alcohol bad for you." Veronique: "It's wonderful." She slump...
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Response to Peter Boghossian

What do you think about Boghossian's arguments? How does it affect your ideas about next year? I personally completely agree with Boghossian's arguments. While the intention of the Social Justice warrior movement certainly are noble, their way of achieving this is quite frankly horrible. I do not believe that these morals should be indoctrinated in the education system, but we should rather utilise Boghossian ways of teaching. Everyone should be able to form their own views, whether people like...
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Voice Lessons post (ongoing)

Voice lessons post The book Page 44 The day has been hot and sultry. The sun has set behind great banks of clouds, which are piling up on the northwestern horizon. Now that the light is beginning to fade, the great masses of cumulus, which are slowly gathering and rising higher toward the zenith, are lit up by pale flashes of sheet-lightning. -W. J. Holland, “Sugaring for Moths,” The Moth Book What are the details that contribute to the reader’s mental picture of the clouds? List these de...
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ENG essay: Summer

History has always been one of my passions. While my classmates in Primary school were playing games, I was "storming the beaches of Normandy during D-Day". Luckily, I share this passion with both of my grandfathers, who are History junkies just like me. At the start of the Holiday, one of them had provided the entire family with some old pictures of our ancestors. While all of them were interesting, one of them caught my eye. It appeared to be an older man wearing military decorations, presumab...
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