Response to Peter Boghossian

What do you think about Boghossian's arguments? How does it affect your ideas about next year?

I personally completely agree with Boghossian's arguments. While the intention of the Social Justice warrior movement certainly are noble, their way of achieving this is quite frankly horrible. I do not believe that these morals should be indoctrinated in the education system, but we should rather utilise Boghossian ways of teaching. Everyone should be able to form their own views, whether people like it or not. Allowing others to share their opinions, even though you might not agree, is the best way to become more open-minded. It allows people to agree with new opinions, but also to enforce what they believe. They can create new opinions, which is impossible in a system where everyone has to follow a certain way of thinking. This SJW movement within the education system has gone too far, and it is seriously affecting the quality of our education. We shouldn't be indoctrinated to harass people because they think differently. People like Boghossian shouldn't be persecuted for trying to show and teach that differences make us stronger. We must get rid of this woke wave, before an entire generation is brainwashed into this dangerous authoritarian ideology.

The whole movement in general reminds me of the 'thought police' from George Orwell's 1984. You are immediately targeted for not agreeing with the masses/party, something that outright scares me. Reading that even the professors are not safe from this persecution, makes me rather nervous for next year. I want to follow political studies, and I'm worried that I will fall victim to cancel culture and persecution by others who do not agree with my personal views. I have been confronted in the past by these people who are very active within the social justice warrior community. My views were different than theirs, and I was branded as a racist, homophobic and other horrible names just because I had another way of thinking. I've also been called a "Nazi", which I find quite ironic as I am not the one persecuting others for having different believes. In general, I am hoping that my experience in college will be conflict-free, but if a situation arises where I am the victim of the woke movement, I will not hesitate to defend myself or others. Free speech and free thinking is the foundation of a democracy, and it should be protected no matter what.

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