Brethren Apologist

This is my own private blog where I am able to answer questions about being Brethren, but also answer our culture and world around us from a Brethren perspective. In all things, my desire is to bring the truth of God's Word to every day life and glorify Him with all that is said.

Non conformity - Brethren Value 3

Conformity, according to the world's system, is the mark of success. Being part of the group and fitting in, the goal. Brethren were very quick on rejecting uniformity to the world to be in conformity with God. This is not to say they ignored all societal expectations, so far as it was Biblical. What conformity did Brethren practice? Let us view non-conformity through the lenses of: 1) Rejection of oaths or swearing, 2) non political, 3) social expectations, 4) human sexuality, 5) Isolationist,...
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Restitution: Brethren Value 2

What is meant by restitution today is nothing more than equivocating the definition of restoring. It has become a key word for legalized theft based on skin color. When the word "restitution" is used, what is meant is reparations. We, usually those who are white, according to them, have systematically oppressed others (often those of black, Hispanic, or some other non-white skin colored) and must step aside, give place and prominence, repent of our "whiteness" and restore to them from ourselves....
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Discipleship and Obedience - Brethren ideal 1

From the earliest Brethren, and even in Pietism and AnaBaptism roots, these two concepts, with the focus being on the New Testament, existed at the core. The Brethren believe true faith will bring forth true obedience, and a faith which does not produce such obedience is no faith at all. When many, who claim Christianity, live lives and possess actions which are antithesis of the Scriptures, the Brethren would, or should, wonder if true faith is even found. We are saved by faith, and faith deman...
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A Brethren Intro

“Who are the Brethren?” That is often a question I receive when I mention my denomination. I am caught off guard, not for a loss of words, but how to answer. As of 2024, there is 316 years of History with the Brethren. My standard answer is, “What specific questions do you have?” This allows me to zero in on the major questions while not wasting time with info not needed or wanted. But who we are is still not answered deeply. Our full history will not be presented here. Donald Durnbaugh did th...
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