Vishnudutt Kappagantula

Junior Engineer. I like to learn about Linux, Automation, and Opensource Tools.

Simple Code Server Deployment to AWS Using Terraform

Source Find the source here Description Deploy your own code server on AWS. Useful to run web IDE directly from inside a VPC to access private resources. The module generates SSL certificate using Let's Encrypt and Caddy Points CloudFlare domain to the code server Deploys code server into an AWS subnet ID. This is useful for accessing private AWS resources Example Usage resource "random_string" "subdomain_suffix" { length = 4 special = false upper = false } locals { subdomain...
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[KVM] Fedora CoreOS Simple Local Deployment #0

Introduction Fedora CoreOS is an awesome Linux operating system. Fedora CoreOS is an immutable OS excluding the /var and /etc paths, both of which can be modified. While /home exists, it's a symlink that point to /var/home. To configure Fedora CoreOS the way we want it, we can use the ignition Config File. Pre-requisites To follow along with this walk through you need The KVM image. Ignition Config The Ignition Config can be used to provision a Fedora CoreOS system. It is run only on...
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